Supa Easy Fill Peanut Bird Feeder 8"

Easy Fill Plastic Peanut Feeder.This feeder has at the base a unique access port that allows the feeder to be filled with ease.It is advisable to fill the feeder over a container such as a box or bucket so that - in the event of spillage

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Sponsored Supa Easy Fill Plastic Peanut Feeder Green 0cm (8")

Price updated on: 16-04-2024 00:29:27
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Supa Easy Fill Peanut Bird Feeder 8
Supa Easy Fill Peanut Bird Feeder 8

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Brand Supa
Supa is a brand that sells affordable, stylish and functional clothing for women. The clothes are designed to make women feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. The brand is all about empowering women and helping them to feel their best.
EAN 5025662076311
MPN Supa UTVP2718_2
ID 13903090
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 0.62 kg
Dimensions 1x1x1 mm
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A feeder specifically designed for the feeding of Sunflower Heart to wild birds.The feeder is constructed from all metal parts.
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Supa (5025662007179 / 717) | Seed feeder, Supa Wild
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Supa Fat Ball Feeder & Tray is designed to hold both netted and un-netted fat balls. - Made from premium quality materials including a stainless steel handle & metal lid. - The tray acts both a supplementary feeding station and also stops debris from fall
High capacity seed feeder with 10 feeding ports. - Holds approximately 1.25kg of seed. - May be supplied with a seed port with either a short sided perch or long sided perch. - Care Instructions: Wipe clean