Swarovski Sunshine pendant, Sun, White, Rose gold-tone plated (Image 1)
Swarovski Sunshine pendant, Sun, White, Rose gold-tone plated (Image 2)
Swarovski Sunshine pendant, Sun, White, Rose gold-tone plated (Image 3)
Swarovski Sunshine pendant, Sun, White, Rose gold-tone plated (Image 4)
Swarovski Sunshine pendant, Sun, White, Rose gold-tone plated (Main image)

Swarovski Sunshine pendant, Sun, White, Rose gold-tone plated

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Tags Swarovski Sunshine pendant Rose gold-tone plated SWAROVSKI Sunshine Rose
Brand Swarovski

Swarovski is a brand that specializes in the production of high-quality crystals and gemstones. The company was founded in 1895 in Austria and has since become a global leader in the crystal industry. Swarovski crystals are used in a variety of applications, including jewelry, home decor, and fashion. The company also produces a range of luxury watches and accessories.
Model Swarovski 5451376
MPN Swarovski 5451376
EAN 9009654513769
ID 13659715
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 5x5x5 mm
Key Features
Collection Swarovski Sunshine
Color Rose gold
Finish Polished
Gem stone Cubic Zirconia
Gender Women
Jewel type Necklace, Pendant
Material Rose Gold Coloured
Metal Rose Metal
Necklace style Pendants
Range Sunshine
Recipient For Her
Stone Swarovski Crystal
Stone colour Clear
Style Stone Set
Warranty 2 years
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-12 % today only
Swarovski Angelic necklace, Round, White, Rose gold-tone plated
200.00 GBP
175.75 GBP
Swarovski (9009653678452 / 5367845) - Polished - Rose Gold Plated - Angelic - Swarovski Crystal - Clear | Swarovski Angelic All-Around, Beautiful crystal, Angelic All-Around Necklace
-21 % today only
Woman Necklace SWAROVSKI ref: 1023992
59.46 GBP
46.95 GBP
Swarovski (9007810239928 / 1023992) | Swarovski Jewellery, Swarovski Jewellery heloise
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Swarovski Iconic Swan pendant, Swan, Small, Black, Rhodium plated
75.00 GBP
59.00 GBP
This elegant rhodium plated pendant features Swarovski's legendary swan motif Delicately embellished with dramatic black crystals set in innovative Pointiage technique, it sparkles softly enough to complement any work or leisure outfit; the penda
-15 % today only
Swarovski Iconic Swan pendant, Swan, Beige, Rhodium plated
75.00 GBP
63.91 GBP
Swarovski (9009652150348 / 5215034) - Rose gold - Polished - Women - Necklace - Stainless steel - White Metal - Swarovski Crystal - Clear - Stone Set - Warranty: 2 years | Swarovski swan, Swarovski Iconic Swan
-23 % today only
Swarovski Lavender Pendant, White, Rhodium plating
76.40 GBP
59.00 GBP
This sparkling pendant conveys grace through a truly timeless design. - It features a beautiful clear crystal chaton in a prong setting as its centerpiece. - It is embedded in a pavé set circle and dangles from a rhodium-plated chain necklace. - Each jew
-38 % today only
Swarovski Women's Pendant 1081977
78.92 GBP
49.00 GBP
Swarovski (9007810819779 / 1081977) | Swarovski Jewellery astrid
-15 % today only
Swarovski Enclace 5200540 Women's Necklace without Pendant Rhodium-Plated Pearl White 40 cm
168.00 GBP
142.99 GBP
Swarovski (9009652005402 / 5200540) | Swarovski Jewellery, Swarovski Crystal Pearls, Crystal Pearls
-24 % today only
Swarovski Pendant 5032997
57.79 GBP
44.00 GBP
Swarovski (9009650329975 / 5032997) | Swarovski Jewellery
-13 % today only
Swarovski Iconic Swan pendant, Swan, Black, Rose gold-tone plated
69.00 GBP
59.95 GBP
A modern take on an iconic piece, this pendant captures the grace and elegance of a swan.It combines rose gold-plated metal and black crystal pavé. Perfect for adding a soft sparkle to any outfit.The pendant measures 2 x 1.5 cm and come
-11 % today only
Swarovski Attract Round Necklace, White, Rhodium Plating
55.00 GBP
48.99 GBP
Swarovski (9009654084429 / 5408442) - Swarovski Attract - Silver - Polished - Women - Necklace - Rhodium, Stainless steel - White Metal,Rhodium Plated - Attract - Cubic Zirconia - Clear - Warranty: 2 years | Necklace features
-24 % today only
Swarovski Women's Pink Rhodium plated Sparkling Dance Heart Necklace 5465284
95.00 GBP
71.99 GBP
Swarovski (9009654652840 / 5465284) - Lobster Clasp - Swarovski Sparkling - Silver - Polished - Women - Necklace - Stainless steel - Rhodium Plated - Sparkling - Cubic Zirconia - Pink - Heart Shaped,Stone Set
169.00 GBP
Brilliant and timeless: The Swarovski Angelic necklace for women has been designed for those looking to wear something elegant, featuring rhodium plated metal and sparkling Swarovski crystals - Stunning and unique: Clear stones encircled by white Swarovsk