The Devil's Bag Man: A Novel

Harper Voyager (9780062199690) - Reprint - Harper Voyager - New York, United States - HarperCollins Publishers Inc - Format: 384 pages - Publication date: 26 Jan - ISBN: 9780062199690 - Languages: English

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From #1 New York Times bestselling author Adam Mansbach comes an electrifying action-adventure tale set in the dangerous terrain of the Tex-Mex borderland In The Dead Run, outlaw with a conscience Jess Galvan made a devil's bargain with El Cucuy, a fearsome, five-hundred-year-old Aztec priest and crime kingpin determined to bring about hell on earth. Now, months later, Galvan's mind is infested by the ancient monster. No longer able to trust his own judgment, he is estranged from his daughter, Sherry-and from his own body. But Cucuy's presence has endowed Galvan with superhuman abilities. Meanwhile, shell-shocked from her confrontation with Cucuy, Sherry is living with Sheriff Bob Nichols and his girlfriend, psychologist Ruth Cantwell. And in the bowels of Ojos Negros prison, a territory once controlled by the ancient priest, the drug cartels are at war with one another and on the hunt for Galvan. show more

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Brand Harper Voyager
ISBN Harper Voyager 0062199692
EAN 9780062199690
ID 4761765
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Key Features
Edition statement Reprint
Format 384 pages
Imprint Harper Voyager
ISBN 9780062199690
Languages English
Publication date 26 Jan
Publication place New York, United States
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers Inc
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