The Flash: Season 2 [DVD] [2015] [2016]

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Gordon V
17-05-2023 12:24

I really enjoyed this season of The Flash. While it may not have been as strong as the first year, it was definitely better than Arrow is currently. I hope they can explore different villains for Barry instead of always having him fight speedsters. It would be great to see more Mirror Master and Captain Boomerang. The tone of the show is still good, with a mix of serious moments and lighter elements. The character development is impressive and the supporting cast remains entertaining. Overall, if you enjoyed the first season, you'll likely enjoy this one too. Now I'm eagerly awaiting Season 3 on disc!

27-02-2023 07:36

The second series is truly exceptional, packed with thrilling adventures, intense action, and heartfelt emotions. However, it unfortunately ended too soon. The time-jump at the end may frustrate you and make you want to reprimand the Flash for his immature decision. Nevertheless, it leaves you yearning to see what he will do next. I can't wait for Flash 3 to satisfy my curiosity... but I won't spoil anything by revealing more details.

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