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The Long Hard Road Out of Hell

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Marilyn Manson is more than a mere musician - he is a rock phenomenon. In The Long Hard Road out of Hell, Manson candidly and vividly recounts his metamorphosis from a frightened Christian schoolboy into the most feared and revered celebrity in America. His story is illustrated with dozens of previously unpublished photographs. At the age of 37, Manson has experienced more than most people have, or would want to, in a lifetime. show more

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Tags Hard Road Out
ISBN 0859652777
EAN 9780859652773
ID 1883395
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 1.01 kg
Dimensions 1x9x6 mm
Key Features
Dimensions 150 x 230 x 27mm | 472g
Format Paperback | 288 pages
ISBN 9780859652773
Languages English
Publication date 30 Jun 1998
Publication place London, United Kingdom
Publisher Plexus Publishing Ltd
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Long Hard Road Out Of Hell
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(9780060987466 / 21620786) - Dimensions: 154.94 x 231.14 x 15.24mm | 475g - Format: 269 pages - ISBN: 9780060987466 - Languages: English - London, United Kingdom - Plexus Publishing Ltd | Hard Road & Unpublished photographs