Theirs Is The Glory Remastered Edition [DVD]

(5060105721885) - Brian Desmond Hurst - DVD - Duration: 79 mins - Run time: 79 minutes - Number of discs: 1 - Release date: 2014-09-01 | Items as soon, We’ll ship, Aim to dispatch, Via the Royal Mail, Via Royal Mail & Items can take longer

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06-04-2023 08:13

The WWII 'Operation Market Garden' attack on the Bridge at Arnhem is both sad and superbly constructed. The film outperforms the 1977 version with its all-star cast, portraying what was initially seen as a fiasco. Filmed using the original sets, which were remnants of the German attack, it evokes strong emotions. As always when watching war films, I can't help but think about the brave souls who fought and died during that time. I was only six years old when this happened, but I still remember hearing about it in the news. It's important to remember our history, and this DVD serves as a reminder of that. Each time I watch it, I'm filled with despair and wonder if anything has truly changed in the world today. Let's hope for progress. Seeing the original survivors in this film should shake us all and remind us that such events should never happen again.

Bill Herman
14-05-2023 08:47

This comment was made approximately a year after the tragic landing incident. It features accounts from individuals who participated in the drop and survived, which adds authenticity to the narrative. One notable aspect is how seamlessly news reel shots were integrated into the film, providing a glimpse of British-made planes like the Stirling that played a crucial role in towing gliders. Unfortunately, no Stirling aircrafts survived for use in "Bridge to Far." Unlike other films, there are no negative portrayals of British or war themes here. Instead, we witness British soldiers expressing admiration for US pilots who bravely flew through intense flak to deliver supplies. They also commend the quiet courage of a US pilot aboard a DC3 plane who kept it level while his crew members jumped to safety before intentionally crashing their burning transport plane into an enemy gun position. However, these scenes likely evoked painful memories for those who lost friends during this battle.

William Pace
15-02-2023 03:40

This comment praises a film about a true story and expresses gratitude towards those involved. It could be optimized as follows:

"I highly recommend this incredible film based on a true story, featuring firsthand accounts from the people who experienced it. Watching it during the Anniversary was an absolute necessity for me. The emotional journey portrayed in this movie truly deserves recognition and appreciation. We owe these brave individuals a tremendous debt for their actions and what they witnessed."

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EAN 5060105721885
ID 2286754
Dimensions / Weight
Key Features
Actors Thomas Scullion, Allan Wood, Geoff van Rijssel, Stanley Maxted
Directors Brian Desmond Hurst
Duration 79 mins
Format DVD
Number of discs 1
Release date 2014-09-01
Run time 79 minutes
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