Trixie Rabbit Snacky Board Treat Finding game Pets Fun (Image 1)
Trixie Rabbit Snacky Board Treat Finding game Pets Fun (Main image)

Trixie Rabbit Snacky Board Treat Finding game Pets Fun

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Brand Trixie

Trixie is a brand that produces high-quality pet supplies and accessories. The brand is known for its innovative and stylish products, as well as its commitment to customer satisfaction. Trixie products are available in stores and online.
EAN 4011905628127
Model Trixie 4011905628127
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Natural bridge for guinea pigs and rabbits Made from real beech wood High quality design Real eye-catcher A place to hide and to add decoration to your cage Good value
Original new product High quality design Good value Suitable for rabbit and guinea pigs Made from wood Brings fun into your rodent's cage Measures 32 cm length by 7 cm width by 14 cm height
Colourful toy for small birds Keep your bird busy at all times Made from plastic material Comes with little rattling balls Height: 10 cm
Very nice radishes toy for small animals Made from high quality straw material For guinea pigs and rabbits Length: 8 cm
Exercise wheel is made from wood material - Particularly smooth motion and quiet due to ball-bearing - Solid running surface for better grip - Safety stand and closed rear wall prevent the animal from getting caught - Perfected designed for small pets
Trixie (4011905062754 / 6275) | Assorted colours
For guinea pigs - Nylon tunnel - Measures 30 cm length by 31 cm width by 30 cm height - Cuddly lamb fur look - For indoor and outdoor
Stable due to spiral spring for rabbits and rodents - Made of high-quality nylon - Comes with four entrances - Optimal gaming experience for both indoor and outdoor - Ideal place to play, retreat and relax
A fun toss toy for your rabbit - Your pet will love chasing and tossing this toy - Lively bell catches your small animals attention - Easy for your rabbit to grasp and toss
Suitable for rabbits guinea pigs and other small animals - Made of nylon - Stable due to spiral spring with 4 entrances - Folds flat for easy storage when not in use - Measures 18 cm diameter by 47 cm length by 3 cm width
Of cowhide coated with duck chest - Meat content 59% - Rich in proteins - No added sugar - In wieder lockable bag
Trixie (4011905061856 / 6185)