Trixie Suspension Bridge with Hammock for Mice, Hamsters etc. (Image 1)
Trixie Suspension Bridge with Hammock for Mice, Hamsters etc. (Main image)

Trixie Suspension Bridge with Hammock for Mice, Hamsters etc.

Trixie (4011905062983 / 6298) | Mice Toy, Trixie Suspension Bridge, Hammock Bed, Rope ladder and rope, Hamster Bed, Pet Cage Toy, Hamster Pet Cage Suspension, Pet Suspension Bridge Toy, Suspension Bridge & Hanging Bridge

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Tags Trixie Suspension Bridge Hamsters etc Hammock for Mice
Brand Trixie

Trixie is a brand that produces high-quality pet supplies and accessories. The brand is known for its innovative and stylish products, as well as its commitment to customer satisfaction. Trixie products are available in stores and online.
EAN 4011905062983
Model Trixie 6298
MPN Trixie 6298
ID 10483454
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It is important to have a safe retreat for resting and hiding - Made of plastic material - Ideal for guinea pigs - Increasing the fun and improving the living environment - For outdoor and indoor use - NOTE : Comes in Assorted colors
Flamed wooden house for rabbits Made from high quality pine wood material Roof can be opened at the top Provide your small furry with a great, cosy refuge area to investigate and snooze in It is a fabulous home for your small pe
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Hay manger with hay and sweet corn rings - Made of natural wood material - For small rodents and rabbits - With marigold blossoms
An all natural wooden house - Use for mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits - Made of untreated natural wood material - Rodent home can be gnawed at because of untreated natural wood - Ideal for rabbits
Large double grass nest - Your hamster can play, gnaw or hide - Natural and safe to chew - Perfect place for your pet to rest and nest - Made of natural plant fibres woven by hand on a solid support framework
For mice and hamsters - Extra soft - Measures 9 cm length by 16 cm width by 12 cm height - Plush cover
An all natural wooden house - With feeding bowl and ramp - Made of untreated natural wood material - It has two inputs, over which can each be hung from a trough - Suitable for small hamsters and mice
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