UNI2079323 Anti-Mould Kitchen& Bathroom Sealant Cartridge Translucent, 274 g (Image 1)
UNI2079323 Anti-Mould Kitchen& Bathroom Sealant Cartridge Translucent, 274 g (Image 2)
UNI2079323 Anti-Mould Kitchen& Bathroom Sealant Cartridge Translucent, 274 g (Main image)

UNI2079323 Anti-Mould Kitchen& Bathroom Sealant Cartridge Translucent, 274 g

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Tags Bathroom Sealant Anti-Mould Kitchen UniBond Anti-Mould Kitchen Mould Kitchen Bathroom Sealant Cartridge UNI2079323 Anti-Mould 274 g Kitchen Sealant UniBond Anti Mould Unibond Silicone Sealant
Brand Unibond
Unibond is a brand of adhesive products, including sealants, adhesives, and fillers. The company offers a wide range of products for both professional and DIY use.
MPN Unibond 2079323
EAN 4015000437264
ID 20492628
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 0.60 kg
Dimensions 2x9x2 mm
Key Features
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Unibond (4015000437295 / 2079356) - Weight: 0.2700
Unibond (4015000435611 / 2046694) - Weight: 0.1800 | UniBond RE-NEW, One-Step Bathroom, Silicone Sealant RE-NEW, Bath Triple Mould Resistance, White Silicone Sealant Kitchen, Sealant Ice White 130g, Mould Apply & Apply Sealant RE-NEW
Waterproof and mould-resistant silicone sealant by Uni Bond / Especially long-lasting sanitary sealant with high adhesion - Application areas include the bathroom, kitchen, and other tiled areas, worktops and sanitary ware / Effectively prevents mould gro
Uni Bond One for All Crystal is a quality bonding and sealing solution for most common household jobs / Provides long lasting results, even under extreme conditions - Use One for All Crystal Adhesive for all materials / Application areas including wood, g
Unibond (5010383061050 / UNI1550217) | UniBond Sealant Smoother, Remover Tool, Window Bathroom, Sealant Smoother, Smoother Tool, Easy-to-Use Finishing, DIY Tool, UniBond Sealant Remover, Smoothing Sealant & UniBond Sealant
Triple Protection – The durable white sealant offers a Triple Protect formulation to keep bathrooms & kitchens sanitary – repelling, killing and preventing mould growth. - Long-Lasting – The kitchen and bathroom silicone sealant is not only designed
Ideal way to remove old or unwanted sealant from ceramic tiles, most plastics, glass and painted surfaces - Package Dimensions: 2.6 L x 10.8 H x 6.2 W (centimeters)
Permanently flexible – Our Uni Bond waterproof sealant provides a durable flexible perimeter seal for exterior window and door frames, protecting you from the elements - Multi materials – This durable adhesive sealant can be used on various materials
Proven reliable Unibond technology Lightweight construction at just 0.08 Kgs High performace for the home or tradesman
Anti mould sealant - Once dry, the Uni Bond sealant forms a permanently flexible, mould resistant & waterproof sealant, ensuring strong seals and preventing mould growth.Specially formulated - The formula of this shower sealant is ideal for warm
For all Bonding, Sealing and Priming Needs Conforms to en 204 woodworking classification Only BBA accredited PVA in the Market Brand Leading PVADilutes to 5:1 Ratio
Mould resistant and able to withstand water contact from 1 hour after application - Provides a hygienic, waterproof seal for sanitary applications by creating a permanently flexible barrier - Suitable for power showers, bathrooms, kitchens, baths, toilets