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WINMAU Xtreme Dartboard Stand 2

The Winmau Xtreme Stand is a portable and compact unit that lets you play wherever you go. It is easy to mount and includes wall support stabilizers to reduce movement

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Tags WINMAU Xtreme Dartboard
Brand Winmau
MPN Winmau 4020
EAN 5023231402004
ID 2362808
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 2.00 kg
Dimensions 7x41x7 mm
Key Features
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Winmau Lakeside Edition World Championship Dart Set. Complete with: Blade 5 dartboard professional bristle level with a free staple system and the world's most advanced wiring system Luxury black effect effect chamber with house score pan
Robust slimline single fold dart case - Holds x2 sets of darts with shafts - 11 compartments for flights & shafts - Dimensions: 18cm x 10.7cm x 2.8cm - Contents not included
Winmau. Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging - British Darts Organisation endorsed. - Black, durable dartboard surround to protect the area around the dartboard from stray darts
Brighter by design. - Discreet, lightweight and unforgettable light performance. Clarity to inspire your darts. - Dynamic light delivery right where you need it - no side glare. - Intuitive fit for any dartboard. - Dartboard / Surround not included
Winmau. Includes 2 sets of darts, chalk/duster set and scoring panels. - Bristle look paper coil dartboard with target reverse.
The exclusive Dual Core technology achieves a lower compression in the outer core, which increases dot penetration by fewer lost darts and higher scores, while increased compression on the inner core increases the resistance below
Winmau (5023231301505 / 300/8528) | Cliple II wire fixing
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