Apivita Essential Oil - Clary Sage 5ml

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Brand Apivita
EAN 5201279005023
ID 21637398
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 0.10 kg
Dimensions 4x5x4 mm
Key Features
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Apivita (5201279005092)
A natural whitening toothpaste - Contains sodium bicarbonate & Silica to restore natural teeth whiteness without damaging enamel
Apivita (5201279005153)
Discover the calming benefits of Apivita Lavender Essential Oil. 100% pure, natural extract for relaxation, aromatherapy & skin care. Soothe your senses now
Soothe & rejuvenate post-shave skin with Apivita After Shave Balm -9%. Natural ingredients for hydration and relief. Ideal for sensitive skin. Shop now!
Indulge in the nourishing touch of Apivita Natural Soap with Honey. Enjoy a 9% discount on our gentle, hydrating cleanser for soft, radiant skin
Revitalize thinning hair with Apivita Women's Tonic Shampoo, enriched with Hippophae TC & Laurel. Get stronger, fuller locks now at 10% off!
Experience the grounding aroma of Apivita Essential Oil - Cedarwood. Perfect for relaxation and wellness rituals. Pure, natural cedarwood essence for your serenity
Cleanse and nourish your skin with Apivita Mild Hand Wash, infused with grapefruit & propolis. Gentle formula for soft hands. Shop now for up to 13% off!