Among the different small appliances, one of the most used in the kitchen is the mixer. Thanks to this appliance, you can blend purees, make juices, emulsify sauces and even dough for cakes and sweets. Its versatility and practicality make the mixer the most appreciated kitchen appliance by users around the world.

Now, it is important to know that technology is constantly evolving, so today a wide variety of blender models can be found commercially available at the best price . More or less small, more or less powerful; Each of these appliance models has its own advantages to offer. That is why, before deciding what type of blender to buy at the best price, it is important to analyze and take into account what uses it will be used for, what power it should have and what benefits you want to obtain.

To help you with your choice, in today's guide we are going to present everything you need to know before deciding which blender to buy. We are going to present you the different models available today and the purchase criteria that you should analyze in detail.

Types of blenders

Before making the definitive purchase of a certain brand that produces blenders, it is important that you pay attention to what type of model you should buy. Next, we are going to present the different blenders currently available and the main characteristics of each of them.

Hand blender

With the electric hand mixer, you can beat using any type of container. The only thing you will need is to hold the appliance with your hand. This model is made up of a body where the motor is located and a removable piece where the blades are placed at the end of a long rod . Currently, there are different types of blenders that are more or less powerful depending on individual needs. In general, the simplest blenders can cost 10 euros, while the most expensive and professional ones can cost up to 80 euros. If you want a model with a wide variety of accessories , the final price can increase to 150 euros.

Blender and chopper

Unlike the previous model, this blender has blades integrated into the bottom of a glass where the motor is even incorporated. It is generally used to make smoothies, although, depending on its power, it can also be used to make purees or crush ice. The cheapest models have a price of around €20, while those with greater power can cost up to €150.

Wire mixer

Similar to the 1000 watt mixer, the whisk model does not have a built-in container. It is composed only of the body and the rods , so it is usually used for kneading, as long as the crushing rods are not included. They tend to be much cheaper compared to the 1200w mixer, although their disadvantage has to do with the fact that they must be held by hand.

Kneader mixer

If you are passionate about baking and like to prepare sweets at home, you are going to need a mixer. It is an appliance that is equipped with a support where the glass and whisk are fitted to be able to blend. This type of mixer is usually used to knead breads, pastas or even pizza bases. The simplest mixer can have a price of around 30 euros, while complete models with accessories can exceed 300 euros. The only disadvantage of this multifunction appliance is its size, since it usually takes up a lot of space in the kitchen, especially when compared to the 1000w hand mixer.

Portable blenders

Finally, we also want to introduce you to portable blenders, highly appreciated for their small size and wireless connection. On many occasions, they are used to make shakes, drinks or smoothies in the hot season. Users who decide to buy this blender appreciate its convenience and portability , since it does not require a cable to operate. That is why it can be used even in a garden, in the office or in a gym. In addition, it is very easy to clean and, due to its small size, it is easy to transport and store anywhere.

Now, it is important to know that your battery does not usually have much autonomy and the appliance's motor is not too powerful. That is why the 300 w or 600 w portable blender is not usually recommended for use to crush ice or crush foods that are too hard, such as frozen fruit. Its price ranges from 20 to 70 euros.

Criteria to take into account when buying a mixer

Having said all the above, we are sure that you already have an idea of what type of blender will suit your needs. However, let us tell you that this is not over. In fact, for each type of mixer, different brands can be found available in stores that offer different advantages and features. Therefore, below, we want to present the main purchasing criteria that you should evaluate before making the final purchase.


The first key factor you should consider has to do with power. This small appliance has a power that ranges between 300 watts and 700 watts . The most economical models, which should not be used intensively or with hard ingredients, have a power of 300 watts. If you use the blender very frequently, it is advisable to buy blenders at the best price that have a power of between 500 and 600 watts, while appliances with 700 or more watts are for professional use.


It is also important to consider the material of the mixer. In these appliances, piece by piece, what experts recommend is to choose a mixer with stainless steel rods , since they will resist better over time and will prevent them from taking on color with certain ingredients. As for the blades, it is usually recommended that they be made of stainless steel for their higher quality and durability. At the same time, we also invite you to analyze how many blades the mixer should have. If you want to work faster and more frequently, it is advisable to prefer a model with 4 stainless steel blades , since two of them will be responsible for moving the food, while the other two will proceed with trimming.

Size and weight

As for the size and weight of the blender, everything will depend on your needs and demands. The more people there are in your home, the larger the glass should be, which can be made of steel, reinforced glass or plastic . The material of the appliance will influence its final weight, since, for example, plastic models are the least heavy, although they are more fragile. Remember not to buy a mixer that is too heavy, especially if you have to hold it while you are making the preparations. The important thing is that you find a model with an appropriate weight and that has an ergonomic design to be able to cook comfortably.

Speeds and programs

Don't forget that the different models of blenders with the best quality-price ratio on the market offer speeds and a wide variety of programs to choose from. Some of these appliances allow you to regulate the speed using buttons, and others have a single button that must be pressed to increase the speed. Instead, the programs will help you make the process of kneading, blending, or crushing ice easier so you can get the desired texture and end result.


Also, do not forget to evaluate the type of connection that your blender from the best brands (Bosch, Braun, Cecotec, Moulinex, Taurus, Jato, Solac, Philips, etc.) should have. Nowadays, you will find commercially available appliances that must be connected to the electrical network through a cable and wireless models that can be used anywhere in the kitchen or anywhere. Which of the two types of ideal blender you should buy will depend on your needs. Remember that wireless models generally have less maximum power.


Finally, we want to invite you to consider which accessories are included in the price . In the vast majority of cases, basic range blenders usually only include a measuring cup as an accessory, while more expensive models usually also include a chopper, mini mixer and high-quality whisks.