This set of dual chaser lights come with both blue and white lights which can be alternated. It measures at a length of 10.43 meters and holds 150 individual LED lights. Lead wire length 5 meters. - 5 CHASER LIGHT MODES - You can choose from static in whi
Small, portable reading light - Rechargeable via USB connection - Soft-touch matte black plastic - 2-LED lighting
Efficiently manage up to 64 DALI devices with the LIVELINK CONTROLLER - the ultimate control unit for seamless light control in smart environments
Robust 16A2p+E Schuko surface-mounted socket, 230V GR - Panel outlet #11110. Durable design for reliable power in any setting. Easy installation
Maximize security with the IR 180 COM1 WS Motion Sensor in white. Enjoy complete 180° coverage, easy installation & energy-efficient infrared technology