Comparor Bot

At Comparor, we understand the value of finding the best deal. Our advanced bot searches products from a wide variety of virtual stores, functioning similarly to well-known search bots such as GoogleBot or BingBot. The difference is that we specialize in one thing: finding the most competitive prices so you don't have to.

Our bot, the ComparorBot, regularly visits online stores, collecting updated product and price information. This information is used to power our price comparator, a valuable resource where consumers can find and compare products to ensure they get the best deal available.

How does a Web Crawler work?

Web Crawler

Increased Visibility : By being part of Comparor, your store and products gain visibility to an active and engaged audience that is ready to buy. This is more effective than passively waiting for potential customers to find you through general searches.

Qualified Traffic : Visits from Comparor are incredibly valuable. Users who come through our comparator have already made an informed decision based on price and product information. This means they are further along in the buying cycle and more likely to make a purchase, increasing conversion and profitability.

No Additional Cost : We offer this service at no cost to stores. Consider this free advertising that connects you directly with interested customers. Instead of spending large sums on marketing and advertising, we provide you with a constant flow of potential customers, reducing your costs and increasing your income.

Why is it more profitable?

Price comparators like Comparor represent one of the most effective and profitable tools in modern e-commerce. They allow users to make informed decisions quickly, leading to greater satisfaction and loyalty. By being present on Comparor, stores not only increase their sales but also build a reputation for transparency and price competitiveness.

Commitment to Quality and Constant Updating: We strive to keep our information as accurate and up-to-date as possible. With regular updates and cutting-edge technology, we ensure that both consumers and stores benefit from the latest and most relevant information.

We understand that some stores may prefer not to be included in our price comparison service. If you prefer that ComparorBot not crawl your store content, you can easily block it using the robots.txt file on your website. This is a standard method used by webmasters to manage and control access from search engine bots and other web crawlers.

What is robots.txt?

The robots.txt is a simple text file that is placed in the root of your website to tell search engine bots and other automated crawlers which parts of your site should and should not be processed or indexed.

How to block ComparorBot:

  • Access the Root of your Site : The robots.txt file must be located in the root directory of your website (for example,
  • Edit or Create the File : If you already have a robots.txt file, open it with a text editor.
  • Add Rules for ComparorBot : To prevent ComparorBot from crawling any part of your site, add the following lines to your robots.txt:
    User-agent: ComparorBot
    Disallow: /
  • Save and Upload File : Save the changes and make sure the robots.txt file is uploaded to your web server in the root directory.
  • Check Settings : You can check if robots.txt is working as you expect using online tools that simulate how bots view your robots.txt file.

Important considerations:

Regular Updates : Search engines and other bots typically check the robots.txt file regularly, so any changes you make should be reflected after a short period. However, the exact time may vary.

Privacy and Security : Although robots.txt can prevent respectful bots like ComparorBot from crawling your site, it does not provide a security barrier and cannot prevent access to malicious bots or specific users.