At Comparor we collaborate with manufacturers to help them distribute their products in stores or promote them through our website, social networks and/or blog. On this page manufacturers will find more information about the benefits of collaborating with Comparor.

Promotion of products in our network

Comparor offers you the possibility for our company to make a detailed article about its products, these articles are published on our website, blog, as well as on the social networks associated with Comparor.

What does this service include?

  • Detailed article (2500 to 3000 words) in 5 languages (English, Spanish, French, German and Italian)
  • Videos and/or unboxing in English and Spanish

Steps to follow for hiring

  • Contact us indicating your interest in this option
  • Send one or more demo products to our offices
  • We will contact you when we receive the product, as well as when the articles and/or videos we make are published.

What is the cost of this service?

This service is offered FREE of charge, at Comparor we do not charge manufacturers for the creation of articles and/or demo videos. Our goal is to help manufacturers to promote their products, and buyers to find the desired products. Of course, the manufacturer must be responsible for the cost of the demo product, as well as shipping the product to Comparor.

Product distribution in Europe

Comparor helps manufacturers from all over the world to distribute their products in Europe, our company offers you the necessary infrastructure to be able to sell your brand products. (*)

(*) Please note, that our company only accepts certain types of products currently, for more details, please contact us.

Where do you sell our products?

  • Directly on our Comparor website.
  • Through Amazon, eBay, PC Components and other marketplaces.
  • Through search engines like Google, Bing and their respective product comparators.

What is the distribution / sale process?

  • The manufacturer ships the agreed-upon initial quantity of products to Comparor.
  • Comparor catalogs and includes them for distribution.
  • Based on the sales that occur, Comparor pays the amount to the manufacturer month by month.
  • When more stock is needed, Comparor will notify the manufacturer so that more products can be shipped.
  • Products returned by the buyer will be returned to the manufacturer (manufacturer will bear shipping costs) or sold as 2nd hand, refurbished or used.
Follow the best deals on your phone!
Follow the best deals on your phone!