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(4015110010630 / 8067) | Stainless steel teeth
Artero (8435037168072 / 8435037168072)
CROCI (8023222153745 / C3052374) | Dental kit
Skip tooth blade Leaves 6.3mm of hair Made from top quality carbon steel Suitable for all a5 type machines - oster, andis agc and agr models, moser, aesculap fav, heiniger saphir etc Skip tooth blade leaves a more 'texturised' f
Colour: Black - 3 M of cable - 2000 hours life AC motor, air flow: 115 m3/h - Includes: Two Nozzles, removable rear filter for easy cleaning - Weight: 530 g
The complete formula with aloe vera and oatmeal provides the principles needed for quick results, safe and effective. - It contains a unique surfactant that does not interfere with the effects of topical antiparasitic products. - Can be used frequently. -
(7791432000593 / A-1010) | Nilodor drops, König Nilodor, Eliminate unpleasant odors, Neutralize and eliminate, Neutralize unpleasant odors
Premium quality shampoo that helps to combat dandruff and skin peeling. - Results will be noticed from the first bath but for greater effectiveness use continuously for a few weeks. - Its formula leaves the coat soft and shiny for its purifying and invigo
Top quality shampoo with ALOE VERA extract for rodents. - Recommended for skin with irritations, insect bites, surface wounds, rashes and eczema. Deep hydrates and is very useful in sensitive and spoiled furs. - ALOE VERA has natural antiseptic and healin
Cosmetics women's hair brushes. - Hair care for women hair brushes - Bifull hair brushes woman 50 grams code ean 8435138421762 woman's hair care hair brushes
Redomin Calcium tablets provides calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D3 - Tablets are very well accepted by animals; they can be administered directly or crushed and mixed with food - Puppies, young dogs and cats, pregnant and lactating es and cats need a cal
Urano (8436532730818 / HO911) | Main dental, Plus Toothpaste Gel, Against bacteria against, Main bacteria, Directly on The teeth
Cutania (8436545960790 / VN-1026) | Treatment and prevention, Antibacterial and antifungal, Spectrum action
Dentivet Dental Gel 50 ml Stangest - Pet care products - These products will make your pet feel healthy both outside and inside.
High quality andis blades - Will fit any a5 type clipper - Ideal for face, tummy and ears - One of the best selling brands
Hypoallergenic - Dog Shampoo - Artero
Contributes to reduce excessive shedding - Facilitates the elimination of trichobezoars - Helps to improve digestive system functioning
Available in 3 different colors - Barbed contains double action - Besides detangle, adds shine to hair - Reduces hair breakage - Ergonomic design
Soothe and repair irritated skin with Mustela Cicastela Cream 40ml. Ideal for delicate skin, this hydrating formula promotes healing and comfort
Get radiant fur with Anju Beauté Bright Shining Spray. Perfect for all pets, this spray adds luster and softness for a show-worthy shine!
Keep your pet's ears healthy with VetNova Abelia Zn-Otic - the vet-recommended solution for ear care, combating infections and inflammation
Relieve digestive discomfort with König Flatocalm 60 Capsules. Natural formula for bloating and gas relief. Gentle & effective - get yours today!
Keep your pet's teeth clean and healthy with Virbac Enzymatic Toothpaste C.E.T. - the vet-recommended solution for dental hygiene and fresh breath
Giorgio Armani (3605521544353 / 121560)
Guerlain (3365440036987 / 155018)
Chanel (3145891164008 / 3145891164008) | Feminine fragrance, Thanks to patchouli, Tahitian vetiver, Bourbon vanilla
Chanel (3145891169454 / P-XC-182-B5)
Kingfisher (5016912054531 / KIN025)
Hermes (3346131407170 / P-HT-600-B5)
Vicco (3337871320300 / 927-20300) | Deodorant roll-on