A Monster Calls [DVD]

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Ophelia Sanford
01-10-2022 06:48

I find it amusing that Sigourney Weaver often appears in films involving aliens or monsters, and this is not a negative thing. If you have an interest in psychology, this film might appeal to you. Without revealing too much, it explores how a boy copes with significant turmoil and upheaval from various sources. While the approach/story may be different for a film, it offers nothing completely groundbreaking in terms of psychology or emotional representation. However, it remains intriguing and definitely worth watching.

17-10-2022 09:52

I was completely captivated by the novel before watching the film adaptation. It truly captured the essence of the story visually and did not disappoint. This book is my all-time favorite, and it's the only one that has ever made me cry from my heart. Even before the film started, I was already in tears just thinking about it.

The actors chosen for this film were amazing, especially their representation of the monster from the novel. I'm grateful that Ness remained involved in the film, and I appreciate what Siobhan left behind for him to complete this beautifully heart-wrenching tale. It seems like her own battle with cancer influenced aspects of Conor's mother's storyline.

The rawness and truthfulness of this story are what make it so powerful, and I'm glad that aspect was never overshadowed.

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