Sisley Sisleya L'Integral Anti-Age Firming Body Cream (Image 1)
Sisley Sisleya L'Integral Anti-Age Firming Body Cream (Main image)

Sisley Sisleya L'Integral Anti-Age Firming Body Cream

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03-06-2022 10:07

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Tags Body cream Sisley Sisleya L'Integral Firming Body Cream Crème Concentrée Fermeté
Brand Sisley Paris

Sisley Paris is a luxury French cosmetics brand founded by Hubert d'Ornano and his wife Isabelle in 1976. The brand is known for its high-quality skincare products, which are often expensive.
EAN 3473311508102
MPN Sisley Paris 3473311508102
ID 19304941
Dimensions / Weight
Dimensions 4x5x4 mm
Key Features
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