Winmau Lakeside Edition World Championship Dart Set. Complete with: Blade 5 dartboard professional bristle level with a free staple system and the world's most advanced wiring system Luxury black effect effect chamber with house score pan
Robust slimline single fold dart case - Holds x2 sets of darts with shafts - 11 compartments for flights & shafts - Dimensions: 18cm x 10.7cm x 2.8cm - Contents not included
Winmau. Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging - British Darts Organisation endorsed. - Black, durable dartboard surround to protect the area around the dartboard from stray darts
Manuel Gil. Protect your flooingr and your darts from those inevitable bounce outs with this nylon ockey mat.
Set of 3 - 80% premium quality Red Dragon tungsten darts Winmau Rhino black extra thick dart flights Red Dragon black designer art shafts Red Dragon bar wallet Red Dragon checkout card
Set of 3 x 24g - 80% premium quality Red Dragon tungsten darts - Red Dragon VRX polycarbonate stems - Red Dragon flights - Timeless, classic parallel and torpedo barrel designs - Hell Fire are available in 22g, 24g and 26g weights
Coated brass barrels Gripper II shafts Compact footprint Engraved Unicorn Hallmark High impact shelf appeal
Traditional bristle board with the addition of instant app enabled scoring technology connected through Bluetooth LE built in to the board - Supplied with 6 steel tipped darts that can be magnetised on the Board although any steel tipped darts can be magn
Double Sided Dart Board - Traditional dart board on one side, target bulls eye game on the other,it is made of high-quality magnets and velvet cause the darts and balls stick to the board without sliding down. - Two Kinds Of Dart - 6 pieces magnetic darts
Fool proof way to set up a dartboard for tournament play Unique measure for the diagonal from the Oche to the Bullseye Also measures both vertical and horizontal dimensions Easy follow instructions
Brighter by design. - Discreet, lightweight and unforgettable light performance. Clarity to inspire your darts. - Dynamic light delivery right where you need it - no side glare. - Intuitive fit for any dartboard. - Dartboard / Surround not included
Winmau. Includes 2 sets of darts, chalk/duster set and scoring panels. - Bristle look paper coil dartboard with target reverse.
The exclusive Dual Core technology achieves a lower compression in the outer core, which increases dot penetration by fewer lost darts and higher scores, while increased compression on the inner core increases the resistance below
Fully portable Tournament style raised oche and toe line Wall positioned or free standing Includes scoreboard, chalk and wiper Push pin locking assembles in minutes
Winmau (5023231301505 / 300/8528) | Cliple II wire fixing
Bull's Classic Beginner's Dartboard - Category: dartboards > bulls dartboards > classic - Materials: - Brand: Bull's Darts - Original Bull's
ONE80 (6942772561416 / 6141)
ONE80 (6942772561621 / 6162)
Home Products, No Profile, Material: No Colour, Colour: No Colour Bag portabalones Softee equipment Softee equipment bag portabalones Jumbo Bag without color Jumbo bag white one
Cameo (4571424635698 / cac2485)
D.Craft (4562335703606 / dcc1011)
Cameo (4571424635971 / cac2521)
ONE80 (6942772561669 / 6166)
Advanced level premium bristle dartboard, exclusively endorsed by the British Darts Organisation Angled wires for reduced bounceouts Staple-free bullseye and Cliple II wire fixing technology Free game of darts booklet and checkout tab
New Blade 5 wiring system allows 9mm² extra scoring area in the doubles and 6mm² extra scoring area in the trebles. 14% reduction in web surface area for less bounce outs and higher scores. Blade wire angle reduced from 90 degress inclusive to 60 deg
Winmau (5023231505002 / 774485) | Target game
Suitable for up to 8 players25 games with 176 variations LCD automatic scoring display Play against the computer feature Includes 6 soft tip darts
18 inch flock dartboard2 sets of 18 grams steel/brass darts with plastic shafts and flights are also included Original darts print on front and 1-9/9-1 game print on back

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