Doc Martin Series 6 [DVD] [2017]

(5036193031588) - Nigel Cole|Paul Seed - DVD - Duration: 400 mins - Run time: 500 minutes - Number of discs: 2 - Release date: 2014-03-24 | Received more stock, Items as soon, We’ll ship, Aim to dispatch & Items are in stock

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  Doc Martin Series 6 (DVD) Martin Clunes Caroline Catz

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  Doc Martin - Series 6 (DVD)

Alex C
17-03-2023 02:18

In the latest series, the beloved Doc finally ties the knot but unfortunately messes it up. Claire Bloom delivers a stunning performance as his mother who comes to visit. The constant arguing between Doc and Louisa, along with a missing nanny and a thrilling airport chase to save Louisa's life, adds excitement to the storyline. The acting is superb throughout, making this show a must-watch. Can't wait for series 7! It's definitely the best show on television.

Rita Daugherty
09-11-2022 02:39

I'm a big fan of Doc Martin. I've watched series 6 multiple times on TV, but I still wanted to own the DVD. This Dutch version is great because you can easily switch off the subtitles for an English speaking experience. The visual quality is also impressive, and it's offered at a good price. I'll be getting series 7 soon and eagerly anticipating the release of the latest series in 2017. Patience will be key!

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Tags Doc Martin Doc Martin Series 6
EAN 5036193031588
ID 2409028
Dimensions / Weight
Key Features
Directors Nigel Cole|Paul Seed
Duration 400 mins
Format DVD
Number of discs 2
Release date 2014-03-24
Run time 500 minutes
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