Faithfull A60 Light Bulb, Multi (Image 1)
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Faithfull A60 Light Bulb, Multi

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03-06-2022 10:43

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Tags BDS Digging
Brand Faithfull

The Faithfull brand is a British brand that produces high-quality tools and accessories. The brand is known for its durability and quality, and its products are popular among DIY enthusiasts and professionals.
EAN 5023969315645
MPN Faithfull A60
ID 21397116
Dimensions / Weight
Dimensions 5x2x2 mm
Key Features
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Faithfull SMD LED TwinHeadTripodSitelight 3600 Lumens 40 Watt240 Volt
85.95 GBP
47.99 GBP
Proven reliable Faithfull technology - Lightweight construction at just 5.23 Kgs - High performace for the home or tradesman
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Faithfull XMS18TRI110V SLLED20XL LED 20W 1800 Lumens Tripod Site Light 110V, 20 W, Multi-Colour, 1
46.50 GBP
45.05 GBP
Faithfull (5023969316161 / XMS18TRI110V) | Faithfull XMS18TRI110V, Tripod Site Light 110V, Light with Tripod 20W
2,999.00 GBP
Faithfull (5023969316154 / XMS18TRI240V) | Lamp head, Aluminium head, Halogen lighting