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Brand Faithfull

The Faithfull brand is a British brand that produces high-quality tools and accessories. The brand is known for its durability and quality, and its products are popular among DIY enthusiasts and professionals.
EAN 5023969211992
Model Faithfull FAICA
MPN Faithfull FAICA
ID 8557265
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 0.24 kg
Dimensions 6x2x8 mm
Key Features
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-13 % today only
Faithfull Water Level 10M/33FT Handyman
24.76 GBP
21.59 GBP
Proven reliable Faithfull technology Lightweight construction at just 0.48 Kgs High performace for the home or tradesman
-10 % today only
Faithfull FAIHOSE30B12 Builders Hose, Yellow, 30M 12.7mm
29.50 GBP
26.60 GBP
Proven reliable Faithfull technology Lightweight construction at just 4.52 kgs High performance for the home or tradesman
-38 % today only
Faithfull 365m Warning Tape
24.17 EUR
15.00 EUR
Brightly coloured Warns excavation crews of the existence of buried pipes or cables Impervious to alkalies, acids and other soil components Marked with text indicating the hazard type Complies with UK health and safety standards
-4 % today only
Faithfull DETMICRO Microwave Leak Detector
5.96 GBP
5.75 GBP
Analogue needle indicator Easy read safe and caution warning; compact and easy-to-use Use on Microwave ovens, Mobile phone and Camera Detect leaks from electrical items generating an electromagnetic field when in operation Frequ
-33 % today only
Faithfull Plastic Post for Chain
11.91 GBP
7.94 GBP
Plastic Can be used in conjunction with plastic chain and bases Simple, easy way of restricting or managing areas Robust PVC
10.24 GBP
Faithfull (5023969223728 / FAITAPEBARBY)
4.70 GBP
Self-Adhesive hardwearing safety tape for marking hazardous areas - Fire equipment, first aid points - Ideal for lane marking - Available in white and red striped colour - Measures 33m length by 50mm width
10.50 GBP
Plastic Base only Black Can be filled with water or sand for stability Part of the plastic barrier system
20.81 GBP
Faithfull (5023969210728 / FAIRMORT) | Faithfull Slide
6.00 GBP
Portable and easy to set up and use Loud 80 decibel alarm No wiring required12V 23A alkaline battery included Preventative measures can be taken to protect their home and belongings
12.49 GBP
Lightweight construction at just 0.24 kg - High performance for the home or tradesman - Material: Leather - Proven reliable Faithfull technology