Ministry of Sound (5051275064926 / 5051275064926) - CD / Album - Rap/Hip Hop - Number of discs: 1 - Release date: 2013-08-05

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Vicky H
27-08-2022 01:26

Here's a revised version of the comment:

I recently reviewed some songs and here are my ratings:

- "Change the Way You Kiss Me" - 9/10

- "Kickstarts" - 10/10

- "We'll Be Coming Back" - 8/10

- "Stay Awake" - 9/10

- "Won't Go Quietly" - 9/10

- "Say Nothing" - 10/10

- "Watch the Sun Come Up" - 8/10

- "Natural Disaster" - 7/10

- "Midnight Run" - 8/10

- "Two Lives" - 7/10

- "Last One Standing" - 7/10

- "Hooligans" -6 /1O

-"Watch the Sun Come Up Remix"-4 /1O

-"Close Enemies"-7 /1O

-"Say Nothing Remix"-5 /5

-"Unorthodox"-8 /1O

Rita Brewer
17-12-2022 11:39

Example's compilation album is absolutely brilliant. As someone who isn't typically a fan of rap, I was pleasantly surprised after purchasing it at a great price. The album offers totally accessible pop/dance tracks, with not a single weak one in sight. It has definitely made me consider investing in more Example CDs in the future.

Kumiko S
16-05-2023 05:28

This artist has some fantastic party tunes. It may be a bit early for a 'best of' album, but they are definitely a talented and promising young musician.

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Brand Ministry of Sound
The Ministry of Sound is a brand that produces electronic music and dance music. It was founded in London in 1991.
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Format CD / Album
Genre Rap/Hip Hop
Number of discs 1
Release date 2013-08-05
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