Human Universe [DVD]

(5051561039805) - Professor Brian Cox - (U) - Colour - DVD - Living World/Universe - Number of discs: 2 - Release date: 2014-11-10 - Run time: 355 minutes - Studio: 2 Entertain | DVD Box

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Josephine M
17-04-2023 10:48

This comment presents a fascinating subject in a highly accessible and engaging manner. The level of detail and complexity is well-balanced, making it informative without overwhelming the target audience or general public. It effectively captures the interest of viewers without feeling like an advanced course. The subject lends itself perfectly to the clarity of blue-ray, and this presentation successfully ignites curiosity, encouraging further exploration.

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Tags Human Universe
EAN 5051561039805
ID 1914058
Dimensions / Weight
Key Features
Actors Professor Brian Cox
Certification (U)
Colours Colour
Format DVD
Genre Living World/Universe
Number of discs 2
Release date 2014-11-10
Run time 355 minutes
Studio 2 Entertain
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