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Into Thin Air A Personal Account of the Everest Disaster Paperback

(9781447200185) - JON KRAKAUER - Paperback / softback - Paperback - Main Market Ed. - Pan Books - London, United Kingdom - Pan Macmillan - In Print - Book edition: 2nd - Publication date: 01 Jul 2011 | Thin Air & Perils of other Everest
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One of the inspirations for the major motion picture Everest, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Keira Knightley. Jon Krakauer's Into Thin Air is the true story of a 24-hour period on Everest, when members of three separate expeditions were caught in a storm and faced a battle against hurricane-force winds, exposure, and the effects of altitude, which ended the worst single-season death toll in the peak's history. In March 1996, Outside magazine sent veteran journalist and seasoned climber Jon Krakauer on an expedition led by celebrated Everest guide Rob Hall. Despite the expertise of Hall and the other leaders, by the end of summit day, eight people were dead. Krakauer's book is at once the story of the ill-fated adventure and an analysis of the factors leading up to its tragic end. Written within months of the events it chronicles, Into Thin Air clearly evokes the majestic Everest landscape. As the journey up the mountain progresses, Krakauer puts it in context by recalling the triumphs and perils of other Everest trips throughout history. The author's own anguish over what happened on the mountain is palpable as he leads readers to ponder timeless questions. show more

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Tags Thin Air
ISBN 1447200187
EAN 9781447200185
ID 1833694
Dimensions / Weight
Key Features
Binding Paperback / softback
Book edition 2nd
Book type Paperback
Country of publication UNITED KINGDOM
Dimensions 197 x 130 x 22 mm
Edition Main Market Ed.
Imprint Pan Books
ISBN 9781447200185
Languages English
Number of pages 352
Publication date 01 Jul 2011
Publication place London, United Kingdom
Publication year 2011
Publisher Pan Macmillan
Release date 2011-07-01
Status In Print
Weight 264 g
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(9780330392266 / 1663708) - Country of publication: UNITED KINGDOM - Dimensions: 197 x 130 x 19 mm - New ed - Pan Books - Pan Macmillan - In Print - ISBN: 9780330392266 - Number of pages: 304 - Publication date: Fri Aug 05 00:00:00 BST 2011
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