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Epitaph Records is an American independent record label, founded in Los Angeles, California, in 1987 by Brett Gurewitz, owner of the punk rock label Bad Religion. The label has released albums by a number of punk rock, alternative rock, and hardcore punk bands, including Rancid, The Offspring, Blink-182, and Bad Religion.
EAN 8714092740226
ID 13536381
Dimensions / Weight
Key Features
Duration 48
Format CD / Album
Number of discs 1
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All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us
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EPITAPH (0771104551100 / 4551100)
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...And Out Come The Wolves
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EPITAPH (8714092744125 / 7441-2)
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EPITAPH (8714092651720) | Music CD, CD Album, Originally released, Album originally released
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EPITAPH (8714092737127)
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EPITAPH (8714092116328)
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EPITAPH (8714092112429) | Favorite Accident
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EPITAPH (8714092725421 / unknown)
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EPITAPH (8714092763119) - Format: Vinyl 12" Album - Number of discs: 1 | Items as soon, Aim to dispatch, Items are in stock, We’ll aim to dispatch, Items that are dispatched, Items can take longer, We' ll & Sent via Royal Mail
6.99 GBP
EPITAPH (8714092686425 / unknown)
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EPITAPH (8714092759426 / EPIT 7594-2) - CD Album - Number of discs: 1 | Items as soon, We’ll ship, Aim to dispatch, Via Royal Mail, Items are in stock, We’ll aim to dispatch, Items that are dispatched & Date of dispatch
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EPITAPH (8714092754124 / E 75412)