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11.74 GBP
8.00 GBP
Conoisseurs Wipes Jewelry, For Gold, Platinum, Diamonds and Precious Stones. Also great for watches! Jewelry Wipes contain an anti-tarnish shield to help your jewelry maintain its shine. It comes in a comfortable, easy-to-open compac
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15.99 GBP
12.99 GBP
Conoisseurs Dazzle Drops Advanced Jewelery Cleaner. Perfect for gold, platinum, diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones, pearls and costume jewelery. When your cleaning solution is fresh, it is always effective and when you can make more tha
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15.74 GBP
9.99 GBP
A silver jewelry cleaner that does it all, cleans, polishes and protects from tarnish buildup. Finally, you can forget to dip your silver jewelry into toxic, stinky cleansers that only remove dirt and stain, thanks to Connoisseurs
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14.99 GBP
8.99 GBP
PROFESSIONAL TOOL FOR RING SIZING; Ideal for both personal and professional use HIGH QUALITY AND DURABLE; Made of strong metal that is long lasting and polished to a high shine CLEAR MARKINGS; Specifically designed mandrel with clear measur
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15.00 GBP
7.59 GBP
PRECIOUS CLEANING BATH - Precious Bath For Gold, Platinum, Diamonds & Precious Stones inc Emeralds, Sapphires. Also great for cleaning stainless steel and other precious metal jewellery - IMPROVED BRILLIANCE - Polymers in its formula help reduce the appea
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36.53 GBP
8.14 GBP
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50.22 GBP
32.50 GBP
【Timed Ultrasonic Cleaning】 Three-minute time ultrasonic cleaning technology, deep non-destructive cleaning of stains, suitable for cleaning glasses, denture, jewelry, watch, etc., easy cleaning of irregular products, and restoring the luster of objec
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8.14 GBP
6.40 GBP
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8.14 GBP
Hammerite (5011867012476 / 5092834) - Colour name: White - Solvent-based - Spray - Matt - Drying time: 2 h - Package depth: 65 mm - Package Height: 283 mm - Package weight: 650 g - Quantity per pack: 1 pc(s) | Hammerite Stone Chip
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19.88 GBP
18.95 GBP
Made from professional high grade buffalo leather - Highly durable reinforced with rivets on stress points - Wide belt slot - Integrated metal hammer loop
17.66 EUR
Mopec. On its back is a sewn-on band for easy grip. - Has 2 very practical straps to tie on the rings. - Very easy to handle so that children can use it. - Recommended for transporting wedding rings.
8.00 EUR
Natural chunks of rough pink rose quartz Imported from Brazil Comes with Junior Geo Fact sheet
8.86 EUR
For diamonds, precious stones, platinum & gold settings Connoisseurs diamond dazzle stick makes cleaning diamonds and precious stones a breeze Twist, brush, dazzle Bring out the bling
7.99 GBP
☛ PROFESSIONAL TOOLS: The metal ring sizing tool and mandrel made for rings. made of aluminium alloy.☛ CLEAR MARK: Finger Sizing Stick include UK:D-Z+5, US:1-15,and European sizes of 41-76.☛ FOUR MEASUREMENT SCALES: UK, EU, Swiss an
3.99 GBP
☛ PROFESSIONAL TOOLS: The metal ring sizing tool and mandrel made for rings. made of plastic.☛ CLEAR MARK: Finger Sizing Stick include UK:D-Z+5, US:1-15,and European sizes of 41-76.☛ FOUR MEASUREMENT SCALES: UK, EU, Swiss and U.S.
11.98 GBP
Powerful ultrasonic cleaning solution that aids the removal of rust, carbon deposit, grease, grime and dirt Applications include all suitably sized engine parts and components, tools, jewellery, solid metal parts Natural ingredients for saf
32.49 GBP
Quick, easy, polishes, cleans and controls tarnish Gold, platinum, diamonds, fashion jewellery, precious stones, semi-precious stones Sterling silver, silver plate, silver with gemstones One product which "does it all", non toxic, ple
18.39 GBP
Stunningly stylish Jewellery Holder. Lilac Butterfly and Flowers design complemented with silver - Full detail can not be captured in photos! The jewellery display stand can be used to hold earrings, necklaces and bracelets - A must have collectable displ
4.99 GBP
Measures finger sizes and confirms correct ring Width - Uk measurements - Ideal for jewellery making - Includes ring sizes A-Z and 1-6
14.50 GBP
Fabric Type: 100% Cotton - Country Of Origin: United States - Item Package Dimension: 9.88" L x 4.88" W x 10.38" H - Item Package Weight: 0.35 lb
39.99 GBP
【POWERFUL UITRASONIC CLEANER】The ultrasonic cleaning machine with 50 watts of TURE ULTRASONIC power 42,000 cycle energy wave quiet, solid state circuitry. Gentle clean won't harm what you love. The vibrating of washing liquid caused by Ultrasonic wave
22.95 GBP
Comes on a Harry Potter backing card - Strap made of PU material with traditional buckle - The watch measures 21 x 2.5 cm at the widest point - A perfect addition to your Harry Potter collection - 100% Official Product
3.99 GBP
WIDE RANGE; Has 26 Measuring Rings, all marked with letters A-Z after size - EASY TO USE; The ring sizes are securely attached to a flexible handle for convenience - ACCURATE; Measure your ring size accurately - UK RING SIZES; Measures A to Z in UK sizes
7.66 GBP
Ring Sizer: Perfect to Choose a Present for Your Lover - Are you preparing a marriage proposal? Or you are annoyed about choose what present for your anniversary? With our ring mandrel sizer, you can easily get the accurate size of your lover, and then pr
9.99 GBP
This Pocket Scale allows you to weigh a maximum capacity of a 500g and readabilities of 0.01g, to guarantee you an accurate and precise weighing session - The Foraco Pocket Scale designed with a stainless steel platform and a protective flip cover, this p