Ergonomically designed flight stick with hand rest for right-handed use - Additional thrust level with side rudder control - Force vibration for the ultimate gaming experience - Coolie Hat for an eight-way all-round visibility - Eight fire buttons guarant
Sumvision (6931912329917 / Nem-Kata) - Black - USB - Optical - Gaming - Illuminated - Warranty: 1 Year | Gaming Mouse, DPI Optical, Nemesis KATA LED, KATA gaming mouse, Capable of high speed
Speedlink (4027301114102 / SL-6576-BK-02) | Wireless Gamepad, TORID Gamepad, SL-6576-BK-02 SL-6576-BK-02, Game controller, PC and PS3
ThrustMaster (3362934108854 / 4160580)
Sony (0711719212287 / PS4CO) - Batteries included - Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) - 2.1+EDR - Wireless - Bluetooth - Gamepad - Number of batteries supported: 1 - Weight: 210 g
Ergonomically designed flight stick with hand rest for right-handed use Coolie hat for an eight-way all-round visibility Good grip on all surfaces thanks to the strong suction discs Progressive throttle controller Twelve freely
ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Its user-friendly design features a perfectly positioned stick for professional analogue gaming. - FULL AIRPLANE CONTROL - Effortlessly control your plane in either low, ascending or high-altitude flight. - DIGITAL FIRE BUTTONS - Has 12
Eight-way hat switch Rapid-fire trigger Comfortable hand grip Programmable buttons: 12Precision engineered twist rudder control
Lioncast. Turbo/Rapid-mode for all fire buttons - All buttons can be configured and personalized - High stability through weight and rubber feet - All buttons placed ergonomically, great for modding and replacing custom switches
Logitech (5054484120711 / 910-000808) - Monotone - Size: 1 | DPI Marble Optical, Wired Trackball Mouse
Trust Gaming. Throttle lever for precise engine control - Weighted base with rubber feet for stable placement on the table - 12 programmable buttons for game specific action controls - High precision twist rudder control for accurate movement
QANBA (6955932304006 / JVAMUL00006)