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Minimus Secundus Audio CD

Developing Latin skills for ages 10-13. Join in the fun with Minimus Secundus - a mix of myths, stories, grammar support and historical background! This audio CD provides help with Latin pronunciation and contains lively readings of the Latin text to help motivate pupils. show more

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Tags Minimus Secundus Minimus Secundus Audio CD Latin by Barbara Bell
ISBN 0521681472
EAN 9780521681476
MPN FBA-|299229
ID 4570752
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 0.22 kg
Dimensions 1x7x6 mm
Key Features
Ages 12-17
Dimensions 135 x 191 x 15mm | 99g
Edition Abridged
Format CD-Audio
ISBN 9780521681476
Languages English
Publication date 06 Mar 2006
Publication place Cambridge, United Kingdom
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