Mylo Xyloto

CAPITOL (5099908755322 / 5.09991E+12) - Duration: 44 - Number of discs: 1 - CD / Album | Items as soon, We’ll ship, Aim to dispatch, Items are in stock, We’ll aim to dispatch, Items that are dispatched, Mylo Xyloto

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Sponsored Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto (Music CD)

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Sponsored Coldplay Mylo Xyloto 2011 UK CD album 0875532

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16-08-2022 06:28

Coldplay consistently delivers exceptional music, and with each new album, I always wonder if they will disappoint. However, once again, they have created a brilliant album that I believe is their best yet. It's no small achievement to surpass the greatness of "A Rush of Blood," "X&Y," or "Viva La Vida." There are very few bands today who can consistently produce such amazing songs like Coldplay does. Personally, I can't think of any bad songs they've released; I enjoy every song on every album so far! While some songs may not be as strong as others, each one would easily make it into my top 40 hits list. Typically, albums contain a few mediocre tracks, but not Coldplay's. In recent years, my interest in current artists has waned due to the lack of quality songs. Thankfully, Coldplay continues to shine brightly in this regard! :-)

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Mylo Xyloto
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Model CAPITOL 5.09991E+12
MPN CAPITOL 5099908755322
EAN 5099908755322
ID 1961774
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 0.24 kg
Key Features
Duration 44
Format CD / Album
Number of discs 1
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