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Pete's Dragon [DVD] [2017]

(8717418490577 / BUA0263201) - (PG) - Colour - David Lowery - DVD - Family - Walt Disney - Duration: 99 mins - Number of discs: 1 - Region: 2 - Release date: 2016-12-05 | Items as soon, We’ll ship, Aim to dispatch & Via Royal Mail
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  Pete's Dragon


  Pete's Dragon DVD

Speedy hen

David Lowery directs this Disney fantasy adventure remake starring Bryce Dallas Howard, Oakes Fegley and Robert Redford.

Young boy Pete (Fegley) has lived in a forest for the last six years alongside his best friend, a dragon called Elliot (voice of John Kassir).

When forest ranger Grace (Dallas Howard) discovers the boy she takes him home with her, hoping to help find his family.

She soon learns of the dragon's existence and, when he comes under threat from a hunter (Karl Urban), Pete, Grace, her father (Redford) and lumber mill owner (Wes Bentley)'s daughter Natalie (Oona Laurence) set out to protect him.

10-02-2023 05:57

My 8-year-old son loved this movie. Unlike other Disney films, it's not overly sentimental or sad and has a consistently uplifting vibe. The dragon is visually stunning and looks incredibly realistic and adorable. It's especially cute how he turns bright green when he feels loved. I can't compare it to the original movie since I haven't seen it, but I found this one thoroughly entertaining. However, I think it would be even more enjoyable for children because the storyline may not fully captivate adults. Nonetheless, it's easy to follow, exciting, and you can't help but empathize with the dragon without feeling upset or overwhelmed while watching. It's important for kids' movies to avoid making children cry, and this one succeeds by providing a happy ending filled with hope and love throughout.

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EAN 8717418490577
ID 1911775
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Weight 0.18 kg
Key Features
Certification (PG)
Colours Colour
Directors David Lowery
Duration 99 mins
Format DVD
Genre Family
Number of discs 1
Region 2
Release date 2016-12-05
Studio Walt Disney
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