Planes [DVD]

Disney Pixar (8717418413613 / MSE1231108) - (U) - Colour - DVD - Action/Adventure - Walt Disney - Region: 2 - Release date: 2013-12-02 | Received more stock, Items as soon, We’ll ship, Aim to dispatch & Items are in stock

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13-07-2023 04:17

Don't waste your time reading the negative reviews for this movie. Our theory is that it's challenging to get a toddler to sit still in a theater. However, if you play the movie at home, it's a different story. Our son absolutely adores Cars, and he loved this movie even more. The graphics are even better than Cars, which is expected as technology advances. The storyline is incredibly heartwarming, and it's astonishing how much a 2-year-old can grasp about friendship and overcoming challenges. Dusty is an adorable character, along with his friends. The bonus film is also enjoyable for parents, as the creators explain their motivations behind making the movie and their love for planes. Additionally, the videos featuring characters like El Chupacabra and Ishani are cute. Although I suspect these extras are meant to entice parents into buying spin-off films in the future.

Dolly G
11-11-2022 03:02

Great decision, but it's disappointing to have to pay for adverts that take up 2-4 minutes of the content. It used to be sold for a higher price, so even though it's cheaper now, there should still be no ads on a DVD that you've paid for. This is the first time I've encountered this issue, although thankfully they can be skipped. It's just something you wouldn't expect when purchasing a DVD.

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Tags Walt Disney Disney DVD Disney Planes Movie film Planes DVD Dane Cook Klay Hall cert U Fun Family Film Fun Family Movie Fun Animated
Brand Disney Pixar
EAN 8717418413613
MPN Disney Pixar BUA0190901
Model Disney Pixar MSE1231108
ID 1908002
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 0.22 kg
Dimensions 7x5x1 mm
Key Features
Certification (U)
Colours Colour
Format DVD
Genre Action/Adventure
Region 2
Release date 2013-12-02
Studio Walt Disney
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