Slow West [DVD] [2017]

Elevation Sales (5055761906226) - John Maclean - DVD - Duration: 84 mins - Run time: 84 minutes - Number of discs: 1 - Release date: 2015-11-02 | Items as soon, Aim to dispatch, Via Royal Mail, Items are in stock & We’ll aim to dispatch

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Edouard C
07-07-2023 05:51

I really enjoyed this western film, especially the flashback scenes to Scotland. However, the real standout was the stunning New Zealand landscape that convincingly portrayed what the Old West might have looked like. Michael Fassbender did a great job as the bounty hunter with a soft side, but the entire cast was entertaining to watch. The heartbreaking tragedies were also well executed, such as the scene where a desperate Swedish couple attempts to rob a trading post - it provided insight into what life must have been like during that time period. Although I was unsure of their purpose, the scene with Congolese singers was beautifully done and perhaps symbolized ex-slaves seeking a better life in the west. The ending caught me off guard, but I won't spoil it for you here...

Erin Hancock
15-11-2022 09:44

I thoroughly enjoy watching films with Fassbender, and this one was no exception. However, it did have a slow pace. The story is straightforward, and most characters only have brief appearances. The two main actors deliver excellent performances. There are many beautiful panoramic shots and close-up scenes throughout the film. While it may not leave a lasting impression, it has an artistic quality without being overly ambitious.

30-08-2022 04:24

I would rate this movie 3.5 stars if possible. It's a well-made western with strong performances. The story follows a naive protagonist on a quest to find his lost love, who is guided by a skeptical mentor for a fee. However, the film raises questions about the younger man's perception of his chances and the true intentions of the older man - are they genuinely helpful or driven by darker motives?

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Tags Slow West
Brand Elevation Sales
EAN 5055761906226
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Dimensions 1x7x5 mm
Key Features
Directors John Maclean
Duration 84 mins
Format DVD
Number of discs 1
Release date 2015-11-02
Run time 84 minutes
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