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The Captain and the Glory: an entertainment

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A hilarious, biting satire of the United States and its unpredictable leader from the best-selling author of The CircleThe grand ship Glory has been skilfully captained for years, but when its well-loved old skipper decides to step down, a new leader thrusts himself forward and a new era begins. The new Captain is vulgar, bumbling and inexplicably confident.

With no knowledge of nautical navigation or maritime law - nor even, as he has repeatedly remarked, a particular liking for boats - he solemnly swears to shake things up.

Together with his band of petty thieves and confidence men known as the Upskirt Boys, the Captain enthralls his passengers: writing his dreams and notions on the cafeteria whiteboard, boasting of his exemplary anatomy, devouring cheeseburgers, and tossing anyone who dissatisfies him overboard.

Until one day a famous pirate, long feared by passengers of the Glory but revered by the Captain for how phenomenally masculine he looks without a shirt while riding a horse, appears on the horizon . . .

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Brand Hamish Hamilton
Hamish Hamilton is a British publishing company, founded in 1934 by Hamish Hamilton, a publisher and bookseller. The company is now part of the Penguin Random House group.
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