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Brand Pushkin Press
Pushkin Press is a London-based independent publishing house, founded in 1996 by the late Christopher MacLehose. It publishes a wide range of fiction and non-fiction, both classic and contemporary, in English and translation.
ISBN Pushkin Press 1901285898
EAN 9781901285895
MPN Pushkin Press A-177-165
ID 3281729
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(9780140455656) - Dimensions: 198x129 - ISBN: 9780140455656 - Number of pages: 336 - Penguin Books Ltd - Weight: 248 g | King Arthur, Peter Ackroyd, Le Morte d'Arthur, Death of King Arthur, Sir Thomas, Peter Ackroyd's
Quilter's father, Gerard, is on trial for the murder of an enemy, but he denies the accusation and Nicholas Bracewell goes to prove his innocence. However, Bracewell's loyalty to Francis drives a wedge between. The men of Westfield take a new actor, Fr
Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson are holidaying on the English coast when they discover a mysterious corpse on the beach. What has happened to his friend.

Pushkin Press (9781782273806)
Pushkin Press (9781908968357) - Dimensions: 165x120 - ISBN: 9781908968357 - Number of pages: 256 - Pushkin Press - Weight: 249 g | Dark stranger, Seaside hotel, Easiest book
Pushkin Press (9781906548735)
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