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The Tinker Bell Collection [DVD] (Image 1)
The Tinker Bell Collection [DVD] (Main image)

The Tinker Bell Collection [DVD]

Collection of six animated adventures featuring Tinker Bell (voice of Mae Whitman), the diminutive star of J.M.

Barrie's 'Peter Pan' and Disney's 1953 animated adaptation.

In 'Tinker Bell' (2008) Tinker Bell and the other fairies must use their mystical powers to rescue their homeland Pixie Hollow after it comes under threat.

In 'Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure' (2009) the fairies are excited by the promise of an extraordinary autumn fair where a blue harvest moon will enable them to heal the Pixie Dust Tree - the origin of their magic.

But Tinker Bell makes a mistake during the ceremony and the magic of Pixie Hollow is endangered.

In 'Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue' (2010) Tinker Bell risks life and limb to reach out to Lizzy (Lauren Mote), a human girl in need of a friend.

But when Lizzy's scientist father threatens to carry out research on one of the fairies, the miniature beings come together to save all of fairykind.

In 'Tinker Bell and the Secret of the Wings' (2012), when Tinker Bell ventures with her friends into the mysterious Winter Woods, she meets the frost fairy Periwinkle (Lucy Hale) and discovers the magical secret of the fairy wings.

In 'Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy' (2014), lured by its magic powers, dust-keeper fairy Zarina (Christina Hendricks) steals the Blue Pixie Dust and joins the Skull Rock pirates who make her their captain.

Without the dust Tinker Bell and her friends will lose their ability to fly.

The fairies embark on a race against time to bring it back to Pixie Hollow but when Zarina switches their unique talents, their journey only becomes more challenging.

In 'Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast' (2014), when animal fairy Fawn (Ginnifer Goodwin) becomes friendly with a huge, hairy beast with fangs, Tinker Bell and the other fairies of Pixie Hollow have their doubts about her new acquaintance.

However, with the legendary NeverBeast in danger of being captured by the Scout Fairies, Fawn must convince her friends to help her save the creature.

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Tags Tinker Bell Collection
EAN 8717418455507
MPN MSE1294997
Model MSE1294997
ID 1964663
Dimensions / Weight
Key Features
Certification (U)
Colours Colour
Directors Steve Loter, Peggy Holmes, Klay Hall, Roberts Gannaway, Bradley Raymond
Duration 452 mins
Format DVD
Genre Childrens
Number of discs 6
Region 2
Release date 2015-04-20
Studio Walt Disney
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