The Ultimate Sin

EPIC (5099748168023 / 481680-2) - CD / Album - Metal - Number of discs: 1 - Running time: 41 - Release date: 1995-11-13

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Sponsored Ozzy Osbourne The ultimate sin CD multicolor

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Sponsored Ozzy Osbourne - Ultimate Sin (Music CD)

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Rose L
11-06-2023 12:46

Is it true that Ozzy wasn't into this album? I personally think it's a great album. My favorite tracks are "Secret Loser," the title track, and the UK single "Shot in the Dark." Overall, it's a solid album from Ozzy.

13-12-2022 11:49

Ozzy Osbourne's album, featuring Beauty and the Beast on the cover, is an absolute gem. Despite misconceptions about him being a washed-up rocker with no substance, this album proves otherwise. It showcases Ozzy's clever songwriting skills, particularly in tracks like Thank God for the Bomb and Killer of Giants. These songs tackle important themes such as war and nuclear weapons from an anti-war perspective. In short, Ozzy Osbourne is the epitome of rock music.

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Format CD / Album
Genre Metal
Number of discs 1
Release date 1995-11-13
Running time 41
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