The White Queen [DVD] [2017]

(5060020704277 / 5060020704277) - Certification: 15 ) - Run time: 590 minutes - Colour - James Kent - DVD - Drama - Platform Entertainment Limited - Number of discs: 4 - Region: 2 - Release date: 2013-08-19 | Received more stock

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The White Queen

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The complete series of the BBC drama based on the historical novels by Philippa Gregory.

Set during the Wars of the Roses, a dynastic struggle for power that dominated the latter part of the 15th century and threatened to tear England apart, the series follows the fortunes of three women who are determined to have their say in the politics of their age, Elizabeth Woodville (Rebecca Ferguson), Margaret Beaufort (Amanda Hale) and Anne Neville (Faye Marsay).

With even King Edward IV (Max Irons) and his manipulative advisor Lord Warwick (James Frain) subject to the ploys of the women, who will prevail in the struggle for power?

Jeanne B
21-09-2022 03:19

Philippa Gregory is an exceptional historical author, and this series truly brings her books to life. The characters are well-developed, navigating a complex system in medieval England. My only minor critique is that certain scenes were poorly lit, making it challenging to fully grasp the events. It would greatly enhance the viewing experience if another candle were lit.

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EAN 5060020704277
MPN 5060020704277
ID 1911172
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 0.46 kg
Dimensions 1x5x8 mm
Key Features
Certification 15 )
Colours Colour
Directors James Kent
Format DVD
Genre Drama
Number of discs 4
Region 2
Release date 2013-08-19
Run time 590 minutes
Studio Platform Entertainment Limited
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