Water analyse and diagnosis via smartphone: simple and secure control of the water value of freshwater aquariums. Determination of: total hardness, carbonate hardness, p H, nitrite, nitrate, chloride and CO2 calculation.The water analysis generat
VetPlus (5031812505174 / 5031812505174) - Age: Adult, Senior, Puppy, Junior - Capsules | Capsules per, Dogs and cats, Capsule per, Amount should be administered
Great little toy for your pet cat Keep your cat entertained Filled with catnip Particularly robust and high quality Height: 7 cm
Eheim (4011708250952 / 2520800) | Energy consumption, Tried and tested, EHEIM quiet running, EHEIM classic, Quiet running
Serrano Snacks (8430235681750) | Snacks for puppies”
Varnished For indoor use Expandable8 elements of 34 by 23 cm Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
Jr Farm (4024344005213 / 71303)
Attractive Sorte variety matched to your different needs Selective protein and carbohydrate sources for a good digestion Calcium, Vitamin D and crispy consistency for healthy teeth and gums
Galvanised wired crates With 2 doors and plastic tub Can be opened at the front and the side
Trixie (4011905061924 / 2 x Sisal Vegetables Rabbit Guinea Pig T)
Soothing cream for dogs and cats with long and matted hair.It contains antistatic agents that facilitate grooming after a bath, leaving the fur silky and shiny, saving time and the pet does not have to bear the pull during brushing.Apply
BIOIBERICA (8430336090697 / 8430336090697) - Age: Adult, Senior, Junior - Paste - Prebiotics and probiotics - Quantity: 15 ml, 30 ml | Pathogenic microorganisms, Beneficial microorganisms, Diarrhea in pets & Substrate of beneficial bacteria
Helps to ensure steady and harmonious growth.Lactose content very close to that of queen's milk.Dissolves instantly and completely for an instant formula.Enriched with dha, like maternal milk, to aid in the development of cognitive
To be opened at the side and front The transport handle has a height of 90cm from ground Comes in black colour Padded bottom insert, removable and washable up to 30 °CLoad-bearing capacity is 10 kg
Transport box for small animal Made from plastic material Ventilation slits for optimal air circulation Comfortable to carry with 2 handles Opened at the top
Polyester resin material safe for the use with food Interior steps to reach water and food more easily Natural look reptile water and food bowl Smooth inside makes it easy to clean Measures 6 cm length by 1.5 cm width by 4.5 cm
Digital display provides precise control of temperature and humidity Simple attachment by suction cup Measuring range from 0 °C to 50 °C and 30 to 90% humidity
Special mineral granulate which produces odour-free and crystal-clear water in aqua-terrariums Easy to use: spread required quantity over the water covered bottom once a month25 g are sufficient for approx. 50 l water.Contents: spec
Hammock with plush cover and sisal scratching surface Also suitable for supplementing existing scratching furniture Rear side covered with plush Available in cream colour
Plush cover Adjustable holding device Suits all conventional radiators Stable metal frame Polyester cover
Accessories Illuminates the ball bounces Solid Latex, 4 x 4 cm approximately.Dog
Grass mat for rabbits, guinea pigs, degus, rats and other small animals Made of 100 percent natural materials With loops for hanging inside the cage
Carrot toy for small animals Wrapped in paper yarn Suitable for small rodents and rabbits Length: 20 cm
Karlie (5411290106887 / 405736)
Transport bag is made from polyester material Ideal for carrying the pet to the vet Removable wooden perch with sturdy screw fastening Comes with net inserts for good air circulation Collapsible and space-saving storage
- Balances taurine deficiency and promotes heart function and vision- For an optimal taurine supply- Recommended by veterinarians- Without added sugar, artificial colours and flavour enhancers, without preservatives, lactose free
Hamster Cage/Pet Hutch Large and spacious design, modern colour With accessories
Triangular swing + pearl + bell Budgie 3 Corner Swing with Pearl and Bell10 x 13 cm
Tolsa (8411514803070 / D-10080) | Green Wood, Sanicat’s Clean, Green line of bedding
includes 1 ice pack for keeping food fresh48 hr timer, also usable for wet food Automatic Food Dispenser, plastic, timer ensures automatic opening at the set time15 x 7 x 24 cm - for 1 meal-time at 300 ml