Beer Keg Refrigerators

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Husky (5060055574265 / HUS-HM4-HU)
Car socket compatible Energy efficiency rating: B.Travel Fridge
Food grade 304 stainless steel beer probe, food grade rubber seals, body material low-lead brass, high-pressure casting integrated. - Keg cuplers adopt R angle anti-backflow design, internal structure improved throughout the design, to ensure smooth of ga
Liebherr (4016803167860 / UK 1524-23)
Pack of 50 16 grams CO2 cylinders for beer - Compatible with all handles or such as Biermaxx Zapfprofi. - TÜV seal of quality. - For single use only.
❤ MATERIAL: The carbonation cap is made from 304 stainless steel material, and it is a highly effective method to add and maintain carbonation in beverages for extended periods of time. - ❤ SCREW-ON CAP: This carbonation cap is a screw-on cap with an
* Stylish appearance, using food-grade materials, compact and lightweight; external dimensions: H400*W285*D285mm, internal dimensions: H350*W180*D200mm. - * The sound of the refrigerator is about 39 decibels, the noise is less than that of similar product
♥ Size: 24*18*25cm / 9.4*7*9.8 in - ♥ Refrigeration and heating: The refrigerator can be used to cool drinking and warm food. It can be used not only in summer but also in winter. - ♥ Ultra-quiet operation: The use of non-hydraulic fan dual fan, wit