The oven that crisps and flips up and away: Store on its side to take up 50% less space - More than a mini oven with 8 cooking functions: Air Fry, Roast, Bake, Grill, Dehydrate, Toast, Bagel and Keep Warm - Up to 50% faster than fan ovens*: 60 second preh
Element IQ controls heating elements to suit whatever you are cooking - 10 pre-set cooking functions including slow cook - Low and high slow cook with auto keep warm ,Voltage - 220 - 240 Volts - Convection fan for fast and even cooking - Toasts up to six
ALL-IN-ONE COOKING - roast, bake, grill, toast a wide range of ingredients for a convenient and conventional alternative to cooking - QUALITY COOKING – features four stainless steel heating elements within the mini oven that helps provide even heat dist
1500 W mini oven ideal for baking, grilling and roasting - 30 Litre capacity large enough for a whole roast chicken - Two hotplates with separate heating controls for additional cooking space - The oven temperature range can be between 100-220 degrees Cel
Large 42 L capacity oven with 4 shelf positions, suitable for cooking big pizzas - Variable thermostat 60 - 230 ?C, stainless steel heating elements - 120 minute timer with acoustic signal at the end of the cooking cycle - With turning spit for meat and p
Gastroback (4016432428134 / 42813)
Camry. This Item will arrive with a fitted certified EU to UK Plug. Shipping will take 4 till 7 Days. - Electric rotisserie 4 Heating elements made of stainless steel
12 LITRE HALOGEN OVEN -- The Andrew James Premium 12 Litre Halogen Oven is an economical appliance that lets you roast, bake, grill, fry, steam, anything you would do in a normal cooker but faster and using less energy.ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE CON
Ideal for buffets, dinner parties and barbeques, this Giles and Posner buffet server tray can keep cooked food warm for up to 3 hours.It has three separate 2.1 liter stainless steel serving trays with clear lids, in case one of the pans needs a
24L CAPACITY MINI OVEN WITH GRILL -- Your Andrew James 24L Mini Oven with Grill is a great for those kitchen areas where space is limited and ideal for use in places such as caravans, holiday homes, office canteens, and student housing.DOUBLE HO
20 LITRE MINI OVEN WITH GRILL -- The Andrew James 20 Litre Mini Oven with Grill in a classic design, is great for those kitchen areas where space is limited and ideal for use in places such as caravans, holiday homes, office canteens and student housin
The Duronic Jet Fryer, also known as an Air Fryer, Healthy Fryer, Mini Oven, No oil Fryer and it uses air circulating technology to cook food with little or no oil necessary. This is a healthier way to cook your food without compromising on nutrition a
The Duronic Jet Fryer, also known as: Air Fryer, Healthy Fryer, Mini Oven, No oil Fryer and it uses air circulating technology to cook food with little or no oil necessary. This is a healthier way to cook your food without compromising on nutrition and
Tri-Star (8713016007490 / OV-1440) - Rotary - Mechanical - Defrost function - Grill - LED indicators - Package depth: 350 mm - Package Height: 547 mm - Package width: 415 mm - Weight: 7.3 kg
Tri-Star (8713016014177 / OV-1417) - Rotary - Down - Power - Electric - Mechanical - Grill - On/off switch - Number of ovens: 1 - Package depth: 590 mm - Package Height: 430 mm - Package width: 410 mm
Halogen oven - fry's, bakes, roasts, defrosts, grills, steams Capacity - this halogen oven from Quest comes with a 17 litre capacity and a 5L extender ring allowing for larger scale cooking.Self cleaning function - The oven has the added b
Capacity: 26 Litre; Up To 230 Degrees CGrill and Rotisserie Functions Twin Hob Hot Plates on Top60 Minute Timer Includes Grill and Baking Tray
Electric compact oven ideal for roasting, baking, grilling and reheating - Accessories includes aluminium tray, wire rack and tray handle - 1500W Oven Thermostatically Controlled - 100°C - 220°C - Double insulated glass door - 60 Minute Timer
Twin solid plate hob,1100w oven with combination cooking,Separate grill-only function
45L Mini Electric Oven with Hob, Rotisserie, Convection2000W Oven with 3 Operating modes and Stainless Steel Heating elements Integrated Hot plates: 1 large x 1000W and 1 small x 600W;Adjustable Oven thermostat - 100ºC - 250ºC ran
Stainless steel construction Non-stick interior Double glazed door Quick heat up time. 120 minute countdown timer with bell Plate warming area Internal dimensions: 30 x 25 x 17 cm and External dimensions: 42 x 36 x 25 cm
HALOGEN COOKER and AIR FRYER - for roasting meat, baking cakes and bread, steaming, air frying, and defrosting much faster than a conventional oven using half as much energy - COOKS AND THAWS UP TO 5 TIMES FASTER THAN A NORMAL OVEN - energy-efficient halo
Eight cooking modes for delicious meals every day - convection, conventional, grill, defrost, bain-marie, pastry and two rotisserie functions Enjoy ideally roasted chicken with the rotisserie kit Compact 19 Litre capacity fits any kitchen b
Versatile 42 L compact oven toasts, bakes and grills Double hot plates with dual and independent settings Adjustable temperature settings from 100-230 degrees Celsius Range of accessories includes rotisserie fork, handle, wire rack an
The ultimate multifunctional mini oven! Grills, bakes, broils, boils, roasts, toasts and spit roasts to perfection6 cooking functions including rotisserie spit roast, 60 minute timer and temperature adjustable between 100 - 230°CFeatures
Powerful 1400 W halogen oven16 L capacity Suitable for roasting, baking and grilling60 minute countdown timer Cooks up to 40% faster than a conventional oven
【All-in-1 Machine】One AUMATE air fryer oven=Air Fryer+Microware+Rotisserie+Thaw Box+Dehydrator+Cook+Toaster+Convection Oven.You can cook Cake /Chicken /Fish /Pizza /Steak /Toast/Wings/Cookie/Vegetables/French Fries. - 【Simple Intuitive Knobs & Conve
Kalorik MPC46232 Kitchen Originals Classic Home Bakery. There is even a transparent oven extension for larger horns! But why stop there with a temperature of up to 220 degrees Celsius, this compact oven can handle anything from baked goods to qu
Small multi-use oven with 40 L capacity for fast and easy baking, roasting and grilling, Heat-resistant glass door - Continuously adjustable temperature up to 250°C, Selectable upper and/or lower heating, Fan function for even temperature in oven - 60 mi
Mini Oven With Grill, Bake And Roast Functions 26 L1500 Wattage Temperature range of 100 to 230 degrees60 minute timer Comes with a 2 year warranty which can be registered online Easily carried and installed Great
This extremely versatile oven is perfect when you want to bake, toast or grill your homemade meals and with two hotplates on top you can now prepare even wider range of meals. It gives you all the functionality of conventional oven and hob while its sm
Tristar (8713016031105 / OV-1431) - Rotary - Power - Mechanical - Grill - Timer - Package depth: 235 mm - Package Height: 295 mm - Package width: 395 mm - Quantity per pallet: 49 pc(s) - Weight: 2.7 kg