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Non-invertible flammable spray duster Blasting dust from in and around workstationspowered down before cleaning
Suitable for smartphones tablets GPS and portable gaming devices Smear-free finish Non-flammable and alcohol-free Flat packed
200ml universal anti-static screen cleaning solution with washable easy clene cloth included in the lid. - Effectively removes greasy smears, fingerprints and dust from screens including: Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, LED, TFT & PC screens, TV’s, Lense
Tork (3133200062565 / 473412) - Colour: White - Type: Paper Towels | Paper roll, Paper consumption, Tork Reflex, Wiping paper, Tork M4 Reflex, 114m rolls, Reflex Centrefeed Roll, Tork M4 Centrefeed
Nobo (5028252139847 / 1901435) - Cleaning Spray - Liquid - Drywipe Board Accessories - Country of origin: Germany - Dimensions: 51x192x51mm - Industry Standard Product Classification: 32110 - Pack quantity: 1
AIXCASE (0855794005058 / AT-DG2) - Bit rate: 192 Kbit/s - Dual-band - Guest access - Screen mirroring - Smartphone remote support - Maximum resolution (HDMI): 1920 x 1080 pixels | Mobile devices, It’s easy & Airtame app
The Compu Cleaner Xpert is the best-selling model of the best-selling Compu Cleaner. The Xpert model now also comes with a set of 3 premium quality ESD brushes for the ultimate clean. This model also features a new 2-speed switch tha
Colorway (0813593020665 / CW-5200) | Cleaning kit, Cleaning screens, Glasses and glasses, Cm screens
Wypall (0036000839500 / 8395) - Microfibre cloths for easy cleaning - Colour: Blue - Minimum recycled content (%): 0 - OEM: 8395 - Pack contains: 6 - Product unit: 1 - Type: Cleaning Cloths | Wypall Microfibre
Cleaning wipes for screens Pre-moistened with alcohol-free cleaning fluid Ideal for laptops, tablets and smartphones Also useful for scanner and copier glass Anti-static, low-lint design to protect sensitive electronics
Whiteboard cleaner from the Show-me range Alcohol-free and non-flammable Easy trigger spray application Capacity: 500ml Pack of 1
STARTECH.COM (0065030854825 / MSAT2SAT3) - Colour: Green - Data transfer rate max: 6 Gbit/s - Depth: 51 mm - Height: 8 mm - Package depth: 225 mm - Package Height: 10 mm - Package width: 125 mm - Width: 30 mm | StarTech com Product
High quality wipe for various screens Can be used on glass surfaces on copiers and scanners Designed not to leave streaks or marks Alcohol free and non toxic Pack of 100
Secures cable pigtail adapters or extension cables to a cable, preventing accidental disconnection or loss - Easily adjustable for a variety of cable connectors - Black stainless steel tether wires - 4 x tether wires, 8 x crimp-style metal sleeves - 2 yea
Cleaning wipes for removing thermal compounds such as Noctua NT-H2 and NT-H1 - Ideal for cleaning the contact surface of the heatsink as well as the heat-spreader of CPUs, GPUs or other chips - Pre-moistened with a custom detergent mixture for easy and ef
Compressed air duster for cleaning dust from equipment Promote airflow by removing dust from fans Liquid-free design for equipment safety Invertible design: can be used upside down Non-flammable
Optical grade micro fibre cloth effectively removes traces of finger prints, dust and dirt particles - Ideal for computer screens, camera lens, spectacles, CDs, DVDs and mobile phone screens - Re-usable micro-fibre cleaning cloth
Lint-free non woven material. - Use for cleaning stubborn stains on hard surfaces. - Not suitable for coated glass or sensitive PC or laptop screens. - Individually wrapped in foil for freshness
Multipurpose, quality cleaning wipes For use on a range of office equipment Easy way to improve cleanliness in the workplace Kills germs to prevent the spreading of illness Alcohol free disinfectant
Cleaning wipes for phone equipment Remove dirt and grime Built-in antimicrobial formula: 99.9% effective against germs Kills common cold, E. coli, salmonella and more Individually wrapped in sachets
Anti-static foaming cleaner for removing ingrained grease, dust and dirt Spray directly onto surface and remove with an AF cleaning cloth for best results Pleasant fragrance The AF product range has been carefully developed by our Res
Automation Facilities (5028356500024 / PCC100) - Colour: White | Product Type, Manufacturer Code, Product Unit, Green Product, Whiteboard cleaning, AF Interactive Whiteboard Wipes, Cleaning Wipes & AF Interactive Whiteboard Pack
AF (5028356501137) | Cleaning Wipes, Wipes Pack, Wipes Tub, AF Screen-Clene, Manufacturers in computer, AF Screen, Wipes ASCR100T, Screen wipes Tub, Pre-saturated wipes, Screen-Clene Tub
Zebra (5712505251287 / 105999-101)
Special consistency: does not drip or run. Anti-static ingredients. Removes dust, dirt and grease.High-quality microfibre cloth, extremely absorbent and washable. Lint-free and particularly suitable for cleaning sensitive flatscreens.Also
Diversey (8711800420999) - Colour: White - Type: General Cleaning | Sanitising Wipes, Diversey Endbac Sanitising Wipes, Food probes, Equipment Sanitising, Probes and utensils
5 Star (5018206804631 / 907840) - Type: Screen Cleaning | Cleaning Wipes, Star Office Cleaning Wipes, Keyboards etc
WIPES, PURE COTTON, 230X230MM, PK100 SWI100 By AF INTERNATIONAL - Manufacturer Name: AF INTERNATIONAL - Manufacturer Part No: SWI100
Numatic (5028963370058 / 446465) - Colour: Dark Green - Type: Cleaning Appliances | Professional cleaning, Dry vacuuming, Numatic George, Wet or The dry, Wet vacuuming, Cleaning The carpet, Cleaning The upholstery & Professional range
Wypall (5027375043635 / KIM-7495-) - Colour: White - Dimensions: 18.5cm (W) x 38.0cm (D) - Layers: 1 -Ply - EC Commodity Code: 48182091 - Pack size: 6 - Roll - Pack quantity: 1 Pack, Each Containing 6 ltem(s), Total 6 Pieces
LINDY. Adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit - Conductive threads in the fabric press against the skin allowing the charge to leak away to earth