(9781406331172) - Ness, Patrick - England - Hardback original - Walker Books and Subsidiaries - Walker Books Ltd - Book language: English - Height: 145 mm - Spine width: 29 mm - Width: 225 mm - ISBN: 9781406331172

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Tags Patrick Ness Fast Free Post Fast Delivery Excellent Book Good Book Very Good Book Release by Patrick Release by Ness Hardcover 9781406331172 Release Hardcover Fredrik
ISBN 1406331171
EAN 9781406331172
ID 1821568
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 0.94 kg
Dimensions 1x9x6 mm
Key Features
Author Ness, Patrick
Book language English
County of pub England
Edition Hardback original
Height 145 mm
Imprint Walker Books Ltd
ISBN 9781406331172
Number of pages 286
Published 04/05/2017
Publisher Walker Books
Spine width 29 mm
Weight 418 g
Width 225 mm
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