Rocol 72021 400ml Mould Release Spray (Image 1)
Rocol 72021 400ml Mould Release Spray (Main image)

Rocol 72021 400ml Mould Release Spray

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03-06-2022 07:19

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Tags Spray 400ml Mould Release Spray Rocol 72021 ROCOL MOULD RELEASE Rocol 72021 Mould
Brand Rocol
Rocol is a brand of industrial lubricants and greases. It is a subsidiary of the multinational company BP.
EAN 5024747720217
Model Rocol 72021
MPN Rocol 72021
ID 10422139
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 0.77 kg
Dimensions 3x8x3 mm
Key Features
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-61 % today only
Rocol 66080 300ml Spatter Release Spray
28.76 GBP
11.28 GBP
Exceptional spatter release - one pass coating Film allows multiple welds Silicone free Easy cleaning Economical non-flammable spatter release
-12 % today only
Rocol 34011 300ml Heavy Duty Cleaner Spray
20.98 GBP
18.44 GBP
Rocol (5024747340118 / 34011)
-28 % today only
Rocol 69045 400ml Moisture Guard Spray
45.71 GBP
32.94 GBP
Protects against condensation attack Does not attract dirt or dust Silicone free Flexible film - does not chip or crack Available in green formulations
-80 % today only
Rocol 14015 400ml Anti-Seize Spray
101.95 GBP
19.99 GBP
Lead free formulation Excellent water resistance Non soap thickener producing non-melting anti-seize compound Spray prevents pick-up and seizure of static threaded fasteners Temperature range -10 to +1100 degree C
2,112.00 GBP
Extreme high and low temperature capability Temperature range of -50°C to +200°CExcellent low temperature performance ensures components are protected even on equipment working constantly in extreme sub-zero conditions Excellent hi
-25 % today only
Rocol 47001 Easyline Marking Edge Paint
46.36 GBP
34.63 GBP
Ideal for stencilling/free hand marking - Health and Safety focused-non toxic - Non harmful and irritant free formula - Aerosols are up to 50 percent stronger - Highest paint content per can on the market-20 percent more than the rest
-12 % today only
Rocol ROC47007 Line Marking Spray
47.62 GBP
42.00 GBP
Suitable for stencilling and freehand marking - Non-toxic, non-harmful and irritant-free formula - Environmentally friendly, non-harmful to aquatic life - Easy to apply, no mess, no wastage and dries in 10 minutes - Unique propellant system for consistent
20.95 GBP
Good dewatering properties Thin, flexible film - does not crack or chip Dry film - doesn't attract dirt or dust Does not contain silicones or chlorinated solvents Ideal protection for components in storage and transit