Fujifilm (4547410440386 / 16670170) | Weather resistant, FUJIFILM Fujinon XF27mmF2, R Weather Resistant Lens
Tombow (4003198104013 / ABT-6P-1) | Watercolour paints
SUPERIOR OPTICS: The Celestron 80mm Travel Scope features high-quality, fully-coated glass optics, a potent 80mm objective lens, a lightweight frame, and a custom backpack to carry it all. Its quality is unmatched in its class and against competitors. - P
A classic lens telescope for beginners. Ideal for lunar and planetary observation. The parallactic mount and a stable tripod allow an easy entry for young and old. - Up to 338x magnifications can be achieved with the included eyepieces. The focal length o
Easy to assemble 50 mm refractor suitable for celestial and terrestrial viewing - Pre-assembled, no tool set-up aluminum tripod with accessory tray for convenient storage of accessories - 3x Barlow lens triples the magnifying power of each eyepiece - Full
30cm/12" Helix Ruler made from 100% recycled plastic - Cm and Inches graduations - Plastic free packaging - Black ruler with white markings and numbers for clear and visual reading - Classic design and simple to use - Contrasting white print allows for ea
Just stationery (5013922068220 / 6822) | Piece Geometry
Epson (0010343810778 / S015073) | Item Package
These fine felt tips are the perfect pens for kids learning how to do detailed drawings - With the 12 different eye-catching colours in this classpack of 288 pens, they can create intensely colourful and vivid artwork - The water-based ink washes right ou
Silvine (5011566408600 / CEOND573810) - Colour: Black - Type: Notebooks | Product Type, Cover Type, Notebook contains, Pocket Notebook, Lined paper, Silvine Band Book, Band Book Black, Pages 82x127mm & Silvine Elasticated
Double fibre-tip pens with brush tip for expressive lettering with thick and thin line widths. - One pen - two tips: one fine tip and one brush tip. - Box contents: clear folding box with 12 bright colours. - Also ideal for bullet journalling, illustratio
Two Black Ballpoint Pens, Pencil, Eraser sharpener, and multi instrument in a clear zipped pencil case Multi Instrument: 180 degree protractor and 45 degree set square combined.Ideal for Exams Sharpener with anti tamper screw T
Collins (9780008319793) | Wall map, Illustrated map, Collins Children's World Map, Map by Collins, Illustrated Wall Map, Collins Children’s World Map, Children's World Map, Map illustrated Collins
Pentel (4902506985293 / N50-C) - Colour: Blue - Type: Permanent Markers - Bullet Tip | Product Type, Tip Type, Almost any surface, Pen Colour, 0mm line, Tip writes, Pentel N50 permanent, Tip Marker
Clear 10 digit LCD display - A total of 131 functions - Slide on protective hard case and durable plastic keys - Complex Number Calculations - Bin/Hex/Oct/Dec Base calculations and conversions
(9781473969018) - Country of publication: UNITED KINGDOM - Dimensions: (H) 243mm, (W) 171mm, (D) 14mm - Edition: 2 Revised edition - Publication date: 00 BST - Learning Matters Ltd - SAGE Publications Inc
(9780746098516 / 26006987) - King, Colin - England - UK - Usborne - London, United Kingdom - Usborne Publishing Ltd - In Print - Book language: English - Country of publication: UNITED KINGDOM - Dimensions: 283 x 225 x 20 mm
Microsoft (9780735622685 / 978-0-7356-2268-5)
"Can not Stop the Left Feeling" Trolls Stand-In. Double the fun with & apos; Can not stop the right feeling & apos; pull apart. Easy to assemble, simply unfold the easel and erect. It measures 136cm of height when it
Paint, tools et walls treatement Replaceable blades narrow small, olfa
Bresser (4007922000374 / 9065000) - Colour: Zwart - Diameter: 11,4 cm - Fixed focal length: 50 cm | Compact Telescope, Wide aperture, Telescope that gives, User to identify
KONIG Micro Telescope Aperture 50mm Focal Length 350mm Supplied with Metal table tripod Supplied with 2 eyepieces 60x & 90x
Rotring (4006856823400 / S0221301)
Art pens in a metal case Light-fast and can be mixed Fiber tip is extremely strong and does not fray
Carson (4250138224298 / OD-14)
Pilot (4902505423888 / 220300120) - Colour: Multicolour - Number of colours: 12 colours - Quantity per pack: 12 pc(s) - Polybag with insert card | Assorted colours, Pilot Frixion, Tip Colouring, Fibre Frixion Colors & Frixion Colors
Control your telescope via integrated Wi Fi using the free Celestron Sky Portal app for i Phone, i Pad, and Android devices.The Astro Fi 102 mm Maksutov-Cassegrain with fully coated glass optics provides outstanding views the Moon and planets, as we
Includes smart-phone adaptor for recording and sharing observations - Pre-assembled ready for instant use - Includes astonomy software and downloadable moon map - Reflecting telescope for star gazing and sun observations - Complete with lenses , eyepieces
Manual German equatorial mount with setting circles to accurately locate and track sky objects - Adjustable, full height steel tripod with deluxe accessory tray. Quick and easy no-tool setup - Accessories include a 20mm and 10mm eyepiece, a finderscope, a
TIP - 0.05mm nib - IDEAL - Brilliant for outlines and complete line drawings - LIFE-LONG - Copic Multiliners feature a strong aluminium body, are refillable and replacement nibs are available - RESILIENT - Ink is waterproof, resistant to UV light and is p
Early years introduction to geography - Features six continent pieces, ocean names and famous landmarks - Globe has raised continent outlines for self-checking activities - Continent pieces fix to the globe with a plastic peg; each peg features a differen

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