Clear 10 digit LCD display - A total of 131 functions - Slide on protective hard case and durable plastic keys - Complex Number Calculations - Bin/Hex/Oct/Dec Base calculations and conversions
Just stationery (5013922068220 / 6822) | Piece Geometry
Set of 4 geometry plastic drawing aids-6in/15cm rule andmatching 180 deg protractor and 45+60 deg set squares Bevelled edges Permanent and accurate graduations Ideal for school, college, office
1 Compass. - 2 Set Squares. - 1 180 Protractor. - 1 15cm Ruler. - 1 Pencil Sharpener, 1 Eraser & 1 Pencil.
Strong twin-wire binding allows pages to fold back or lay flat for ease of use - Oversized pages are microperforated for easy removal with a clean edge - Pages are pre-punched and tear to a standard size for quick filing - Contemporary polypropylene cover
Good quality 9 piece "Maths Set by tiger - Comes in its own tin holding safe which also has a ridged holder inside for holding the 9 items - In the inside there is 15 cm ruler, 30 '/60' Set in Right Angle 45 'arranged in right angle protractor, compa
30cm/12" Helix Ruler made from 100% recycled plastic - Cm and Inches graduations - Plastic free packaging - Black ruler with white markings and numbers for clear and visual reading - Classic design and simple to use - Contrasting white print allows for ea
Rotring (4006856823400 / S0221301)
Two Black Ballpoint Pens, Pencil, Eraser sharpener, and multi instrument in a clear zipped pencil case Multi Instrument: 180 degree protractor and 45 degree set square combined.Ideal for Exams Sharpener with anti tamper screw T
The traditional Oxford Maths Set with an eye catching clashing colours design Metal embossed tin with matching clashing contents Include metal self centring compass with safety point and 9cm HB pencil, 15cm/6" ruler, 180° protractor, 45°
Key learning values - Investigating, modelling and designing solutions - Engage pupils in science by making it real and relevant - Basic computing skills; Critical thinking and problem-solving USPs - Collaboration and presentation skills
The circular cutter consists of 36 circles from 1 to 36 mm in diameter.
Convenient single-hand double locking mechanism for setting at any position on the rail - Made out of sturdy, break-resistant plastic - Colour indicator shows whether locked or unlocked - Sheet clamping strips on both sides of the drawing board for fasten
Design includes inking edge - Made from plastic - Scale begins directly at the edge - Available in translucent blue colour - Calibrated in mm
Rule Steel Cutting Edge - double Squares in half-millimeters, coupled with are millimétrés Vertical on all 10 cm - L = 100 cm - Non-Slip Pads
Precision-crafted rOtring Centro Geo Set with ergonomic handle, 23 cm hypotenuse & 20 cm graduation for accurate drafting and drawing. Ideal for professionals
Rumold 1058 Set Square Ruler 32.5 cm Plastic Transparent.
LEARNING RESOURCES (0031113539859 / 45761)
Bodyshaper Vest Corset Body Briefer Bodysuit Slimming shapewear Junlan
In elegant metal box - the metal box protects the contents and keeps all materials together.15 cm ruler, rubber, Protractor Compass with Pencil, 45° Set Square protractor, 30° Set Square No 1 in Schools Stencil, Distance Meas
Helix. PVC, Phthalate and Latex free eraser - Safety point compass & Anti-tamper screw on pencil sharpener - The world's best known maths set and brand leader in the UK.
Think Kit. Exam compliant equipment including large clear pencil case and 30cm/12" ruler - Useful 12-week revision A2-size wall planner with colour-coded stickers and guide how to use
Helix 160mm Giant Bow Precision Compass Set, Includes Spare Leads in Gift Case Thumbwheel provides extra accuracy and precision Geared head for centring
Patented self-centring metal compass with safety point2 HB pencils, Pvc & Phthalate free Eraser Two hole pencil sharpener with anti-tamper screw45° & 60° set squares & 360° protractor with unique rotating device.Folding 3
The Helix Oxford Achiever Set is designed to meet the Curriculum requirements of Key stage 3 and 4 mathematics.The Helix Maths Achiever set contains a patented 30cm folding ruler, angle measure, pie chart template, sharpener with anti tamper scr
All of your school essentials in one handy set, Represents excellant value for money .Contains: 2x HB graphite pencils, 1x black & 1 x blue ballpoint pen, self centring compass with pencil in case, mechanical pencil & lead refills,Contain
Nano curves maths set - Grey Contains Self centring compass, sharpener, eraser, 15cm ruler, 45/60 degree set squares, 180 degree protractor and a 9cm pencil Mini version of the hugely successful cool curves maths set New improved cont
BIC Student Pack featuring ball pens, pencils, an eraser, correction tape and a glue stick Contains 15 pieces Cover all your stationery needs in one pack
Alvin is one of the primary sources for drafting Supplies and drawing equipment We are an Authorized dealer for all the product lines that we sell All Items are Brand New and include manufacturers' warranties, so you can buy with confidence
8-piece geometry set contains the necessary tools for a geometry class Includes a compass, 6" ruler, 180-degree protractor and 45-degree triangle Includes 60-degree triangle, automatic pencil, eraser and spare leads
A new colourful twist on the Helix Cool Curves maths set, now in 4 striking colours Set Contains the Following: 15cm ruler, 180 Degree Protractor, 2x Set Squares Eraser, pencil sharpener, metal compass with safety point & 2 pencils, in handy stora
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