Drafting Compasses

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Can be used for drawing circles and arcs Manufactured from forged steel Square section legs for grip and balance Hardened and ground compass pointknurled grip locking screws.
Silverline (5055058117960 / 763562)
Precision compass with spindle guide, spring-box head and centre wheel - Solid metal compass with hinged leg joint and needle shoe - Interchangeable lead part with shank 4 mm - Interchangeable shouldered needle - Please note: Does not contain an extension
Precision compass with spring-box head and centre wheel - Hinged leg joint and needle shoe - Interchangeable lead part with shank diameter of 4mm - Maximum circle diameter approximately 265mm, with extension bar approximately 500mm - Comes with an extensi
Quick-adjusting legs - Hinged leg joint and needle. - Replaceable needle with friction head for smooth and precise radius setting. - Compass length: 145 mm
Easy to use technical compass for taking measures, tracing circles, etc. - With mine, pencil sharpener and pull lines - Circumference 38 mm. - High quality and durability - Includes 2mm lead case
Makes perfect large circles up to 36 inches in diameter Allows precise measurement Attaches to thin profile yardsticks and automatically shows figures for the radius circumference and area of any circle in inches or centimeters
Made of good quality of brass CAMPING HIKINGApproximate Size 6cm X 2Cm Robert Frost Poem Direction Compass With New Design Round Leather Case Fully functional navigational compass
STAEDTLER (0031901949846 / 550 WP01A6)
Set includes 6 inches bow compass with center wheel, straight leg design4 inches bow compass with center wheel design5 1/2 inches gearhead divider with adjustable and replaceable needle points5 3/4 inches mechanical pencil Pa
6 inch bow pencil compass/divider6 inch friction divider with replaceable needle points Capped spindle prevents over extension Creates circles up to 9 in diameter Hard plastic case
Kennedy (5036140110700 / KEN5180580K)
Quick adjustment compass Economy Version - For circles up to 34?cm - With Joints on both arms - Universal adapter and spare pencil, accessories
Precision compass for the first circle-drawing exercises at school - With obtuse-angled safety needle - Maximum circle diameter approximately 300 mm - Length 124 mm
Contents: universal compas, extension bar, drawing pen, drawing pen holder, lead box - Circles up to 540mm - Includes spare needle
Giant bow compass - Spare lead box with set screw - Possibility to sharpen the lead
With metal legs - Includes Compass and universal fitting - Including Mine container with refill - Ideal for school - Suitable for age 10 years
Brand: Faibo - Type : waxed compass - Length : 42 cm