ZEISS (4047006807000 / 528070-0000-000) - Colour: Black - Compatible products: Zeiss Victory Harpia 85, Zeiss Victory Harpia 95 | Zeiss Harpia, Zeiss UK plus
A starter telescope with a 15-activity instruction booklet.Discover the starry sky, the planets and the Moon's craters. The telescope can also be used for observations during the day: animals, monuments etc.Lens 50 mm in diameter and two
Due to its large diameter, the powerful and compact lens telescope is especially suitable for wide field observation. With the smartphone holder you can easily take your first astro photos of the moon. - The magnification range is 18x - 140x and the lens
Bresser (4007922000374 / 9065000) - Colour: Zwart - Diameter: 11,4 cm - Fixed focal length: 50 cm | Compact Telescope, Wide aperture, Telescope that gives, User to identify
KONIG Micro Telescope Aperture 50mm Focal Length 350mm Supplied with Metal table tripod Supplied with 2 eyepieces 60x & 90x
Control your telescope via integrated Wi Fi using the free Celestron Sky Portal app for i Phone, i Pad, and Android devices.The Astro Fi 102 mm Maksutov-Cassegrain with fully coated glass optics provides outstanding views the Moon and planets, as we
Small but powerful, this bright, Dobsonian Telescope for stargazers is extremely portable, easy to use and available at a very reasonable price!This reflecting telescope is easy to operate, even for beginners to the fascinating world of astronom
Includes smart-phone adaptor for recording and sharing observations - Pre-assembled ready for instant use - Includes astonomy software and downloadable moon map - Reflecting telescope for star gazing and sun observations - Complete with lenses , eyepieces
Quick and easy no-tool setup. Slow motion controls for smooth tracking - Erect image optics - Ideal for terrestrial and astronomical use. Fully coated glass optical components with high transmission coatings for enhanced image brightness and clarity. 3x B
Quick and easy no-tool setup StarPointer finderscope. Erect image optics - Ideal for terrestrial and astronomical use. Quick release dovetail attachment - no tool setup. - Pan handle Alt-Az control with clutch - for smooth and accurate pointing. Rugged pr
Celestron’s iconic “orange tube” design is updated with all the latest features to provide the best stargazing experience for beginners and experienced observers alike. - 6-inch aperture with excellent light-gathering ability provides impressive vie
A classic lens telescope for beginners. Ideal for lunar and planetary observation. The parallactic mount and a stable tripod allow an easy entry for young and old. - Up to 338x magnifications can be achieved with the included eyepieces. The focal length o
Celestron’s iconic “orange tube” design is updated with all the latest features to provide the best stargazing experience for beginners and experienced observers alike. - 4-inch aperture provides excellent light-gathering ability at an affordable pr
Skywatcher (6930096610927 / HERITAGE-100P) | Primary Mirror
Quick and easy no-tool setup. StarPointer finderscope for convenience. Quick release dovetail attachment. - Pan handle Alt-AZ control with clutch for smooth and accurate pointing. Rugged pre-assembled tripod with steel tube legs provides a rigid and stabl
Celestron Explora Scope 114AZ is the perfect telescope for the aspiring astronomer! With a fully coated glass optic for clear views, a sturdy support for stability. Supplied with 4mm eypiece and 20mm erecting image eypiece for astronomi
75x and 150x magnification works for both terrestrial and celestial observations Mirror diagonal enables comfortable viewing by angling the eyepiece 90 from the optical tube.
Discovery. Fun hand-held 30mm telescope with 15X magnification. Lightweight and easy to focus. - To be used under the direct supervision of an adult.
Get close to millions of small plants and living animals with this Discover Channel 100x Microscope - a fantastic tool for budding young scientists! This microscopic instrument with lenses has three increases and an electric illuminator for opti
Celestron (0799916902811 / 52229) | Spotting Scope
Celestron. Everything you need for an immediate start - Equatorial astronomic mount with fine movement via flexible waves in both axes - 127mm lens aperture, 1000mm focal length - Beginner's telescope with great value for money
Bresser (4007922198255 / 4690900) - Fixed focal length: 140 cm - Objective diameter: 150 mm - Magnification: 300 x - Tripod included
Tasco (0046162090145 / SPECIALTY)
Thermoformed cap for maximum protection Hold photo tripod, 290 extra, 290 dual and more Comfortable shoulder strap Water repellent material
Carson X-Scope 7 Function Microscope and Telescope Combination Kit.
National Geographic (4007922201511 / 9011100) - Colour: Zwart - Fixed focal length: 70 cm - Lens diameter: 6 cm - Objective diameter: 60 mm - Magnification: 525 x - Breker - Weight: 3,3 kg | 60mm objective lens & AZ Refractor Telescope
Celestron (0796594453482 / 21035)
Bushnell (0029757789907 / 789931) - Colour: Zwart, Zilver - Length: 70 cm - Objective diameter: 76 mm - Magnification: 176 x - Breker
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Celestron (0050234210645 / 21064) - Fixed focal length: 100 cm - Length: 91,4 cm - Objective diameter: 90 mm - Magnification: 50 x - Weight: 12,2 kg
Orion (0759270089450 / 8945)
Lansky (0080999019009 / S0280)
Orion (7044447849962 / 8711)