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Suggestions for Microscopes

Plugable Technologies (0819927010784 / USB2-MICRO-250X) - Built-in camera - Illumination - Camera resolution: 640 x 480 pixels - Colour: Black - USB 2.0 - CMOS - Maximum magnification: 250x - Megapixel: 2 MP
Carson Micro Brite Plus 60 -120x Power LED Lighted Pocket Microscope.
Carson (4250138224298 / OD-14)
National Geographic (4007922032733 / 9119501) - Colour: Zwart - Depth: 220 mm - Height: 115 mm - Width: 160 mm - Magnification: 40x - Maximum magnification: 640x | Geographic 40x-640x Microscope, Geographic Microscope & Tools and experiments
Bresser (4007922197616 / 8855001) - Body material: Metal/plastic - Video formats: MP4 (Codec: H.264) - Colour: Zwart, Zilver - Depth: 150 mm - Height: 270 mm - Width: 100 mm - Metaal - Ja - 40x-1024x
A high quality microscope with binoculars view and stable carrying case for hobby or profession. The LED transmitted light illumination has an integrated dimming function. The battery operation enables mobile and flexible use. - The optics offer 40-400x m
ūüéąProfessional Moving RulerÔľöMoving Range 40x60 mm. X-Y Dual-directional Adjustment. Easy to move the slices or specimens with no shakes and dirt. - ūüéČClear View: Optical Microscope Magnification: 100x, 200X,250x,500X ,400X,800X ,1000X,2000X. High qu
The Duolux combines the advantages of an incident light type with a transmission-type microscope to a handy combined microscope With an integrated slide table, the classical microscope stage can be quickly transformed into an incident light stage
Magnification: 300x-1200x Lenses: 7.5x, 15x, 30x / Eyepiece: 40x Illumination: with batteries Lot of accessories Included: Microscope, projection tower, accessories pack, hard case
Bresser (4007922194431 / 8851200) - Colour: Zwart, Zilver - Magnification: 50x - Maximum magnification: 1200x
Carson X-Scope 7 Function Microscope and Telescope Combination Kit.
Veho (5554442355884 / VMS004DELUXE) - Black - VEHOA - Item Size: 4.3 x 8.8 x 8.8 inches - Package size: 3.54 x 3.39 x 3.39 inches - Item Weight: 0.7 pounds
Bresser Microscope 40x-1024x Biolux CA with accessories.
Planachromatic Microscope lense DINMagnification: 40x
Bresser. The bright illumination and the weight enable an easy handling. - With this practical handheld microscope you can augment objects up to 100x
Hydrofarm. Provides targeted, optimal illumination and compact and light weight design - Easily identify pests, disease, or plant species to target fast solutions - Active eye illuminated microscope
Interplay UK (0787551406962 / LW004)
Natural History Museum (5060096385318 / NHM1005) - Toy - Natural History Museum - Full manufacturers warranty. - Release date: 2013-10-31 | Focus wheel
The Bresser Biodiscover has been developed to incorpotate an upper and lower LED Illuminator in its object stage. No matter how the stage is elevated the illuminator always perfectly follows.Observation objects: Microbes, Insects, Plants, Minera
Bresser (4007922150642 / 5723100) - Colour: Zwart, Wit - Depth: 28 cm - Height: 17.5 cm - Width: 36 cm - Magnification: 40x - Maximum magnification: 1000x
USB hand microscope with USB connector and microscope stand Resolution: 1.3 MP / Magnification: 20x /200x Transmitted illumination LED lighting: 6x white, 3x red,3x yellow Included: Microscope with stand, software, manual
Handheld Digital Microscope Powered by a 2.0 USB Cable Digital Camera- built-in 2MP for Snapshot Images/Videos and Power- 10x to 40x and 150x Computer Requirements- UVC Plug+Play with Windows7/Vista/XP and most MAC 10.4.9 and later, CD/DVD
True 5MP sensor to capture and save high-resolution images and videos of your specimens5-Element IR cut high-quality glass lens ensures sharper images. Supported operating system is windows xp or better and mac 10.6 or better20x to 200x p
Handheld digital microscope with integrated 3-inch full colour TFT LCD screen that flips out and rotates 270 degrees  Versatile ergonomic design can be used three ways5 MP sensor and 5-element IR cut lens configuration captures high def
National Geographic (4007922013411 / 9039100) - Colour: Zwart - Depth: 153 mm - Height: 270 mm - Width: 100 mm - Weight: 1 kg | USB eyepiece, Light microscope, Microscopy with everything
National Geographic (4007922003733 / 9118002) - Nee - Aluminium, Kunststof - Ja - Batterij/Accu - Colour: Zwart - Depth: 95 mm - Height: 245 mm - Width: 130 mm - Maximum magnification: 1200x - Weight: 380 g | Specimen vials
High-quality stereo microscope with camera connector Magnification: 10-160x Incident and transmitted illumination Eyepieces: 2x 10x, 2x 20x Included: Microscope, 2x auxilary lens, blue-filter, eyepieces, dustcaps
Byomic (8718127022301 / 260508)
Bresser (4007922053738 / 5201010)