In appearance it harmonizes with the Color & Gray collars and belt harnesses - Designed to be easy to hold and not to become slippery in wet weather conditions - The rubber threads woven into its material ensure optimum grip - Available in a range of leng
It is important to have a safe retreat for resting and hiding - Made of plastic material - Ideal for rabbits - Increasing the fun and improving the living environment - For outdoor and indoor use
Trixie (4011905062983 / 6298) | Mice Toy, Trixie Suspension Bridge, Hammock Bed, Rope ladder and rope, Hamster Bed, Pet Cage Toy, Hamster Pet Cage Suspension, Pet Suspension Bridge Toy, Suspension Bridge & Hanging Bridge
Species appropriate exercise and mental stimulation Made of robust plastic material Ideal for trains and skills Tips and tricks for designing optimal training Ideal for rabbits, small rodents and other small animals
Dimensions: 35 x 28 cm Material: nylon / faux-sheepskin with polyester fleece filling Special features: reversible
Hibiscrub (5060097930746 / 5875) | HiBiScrub contains
Harness Especially Designed for Rabbits Adjustable Harness width Safety Click System to ensure that pet is secure Harness comes with 5 Year Guarantee.Dimension of Harness - 140cm x 10mm
Rabbit cage with modern design Cage contains a feeder, drinker, platform and hay rack Extra large front door allows easy access to the cage
High quality item. Genuine product - High quality item. Genuine product - Description Coming Soon
Kerbl (5021689019409 / 84075) | Standard UK delivery, Standard UK, Items or items, Returning items, Responsible for items, Manufacturer’s warranties, Discretion of the manufacturer, Drinking bottle & Twin ball point sleeves
Hanging in the cage cave - Rusling noise for added enjoyment - Suspended from the cage provides added agility problems - Robust construction for fun - Brightly coloured caves
Design: Candure Dog Nails Clippers and Pet Trimmers is Professionally Designed For Claw Cut. It's a powerful and easy to use for Pets Manicure and Pedicure. It can be used at home and Pet Lounges. Calw Cutters for Dogs comes with a Protective Guard to Pro
Natural bridge for guinea pigs and rabbits Made from real beech wood High quality design Real eye-catcher A place to hide and to add decoration to your cage Good value
Compatible with Julius-K9 power harnesses and IDC Belt harnesses - Designed to increase the comfort and safety of your dog - Easy to install by a hook and loop fastener - It helps to control and lead the dog - Available in three different sizes
Water and feed dispenser fits outside the cage Automatically dispenses water or food as your bird requires Easy to install and remove Made with plastic material Light weighted and looking beautiful on cage
High quality rodent cage with a large top door and drop down opening front door.The cage comes with a plastic house with inbuilt moulded bowl and a hayrack.The approximate size of this cage is:- length 100cm width 54cm height 44cm. bar sp
Original new product High quality design Good value Suitable for rabbit and guinea pigs Made from wood Brings fun into your rodent's cage Measures 32 cm length by 7 cm width by 14 cm height
It is important to have a safe retreat for resting and hiding - Made of plastic material - Ideal for guinea pigs - Increasing the fun and improving the living environment - For outdoor and indoor use - NOTE : Comes in Assorted colors
Practical plastic handle, double-sided brush Rounded pins, very gentle on your pet's skin, also useful for a salutary massage An essential accessory for your cat's grooming Perfect for short, medium and long-haired animals
Suspension bridge for hanging in the cage2 Wooden ladders with rope ladder, play rope and swing For mice and hamsters Measures 27 cm length by 10 cm width by 16 cm height Good value High quality design
Ideal for hamsters - Includes a mixture of nuts, cereal, fruit and vegetable pieces - Provides a welcome addition to their normal diet - For all small animals
Ideal for placing in the cage Makes entering and leaving the cage comfortable and safe Suitable for rabbits guinea pigs ferrets High quality design Can also be used inside the cage as a climbing frame Good value
Water Bottle Classic de Luxe - with twin ball point sleeves - incl. wire clip-on hanger - comes only in display!
Colourful toy for small birds Keep your bird busy at all times Made from plastic material Comes with little rattling balls Height: 10 cm
ANIMAL - mini Pack Size - Product Type BEDDING STRAW
Bite-proof water bottle With metal cap/drinking straw Made from glass material Floater allows easy checking of water level Secure attachment through tension spring/slot and wire holder
Perfect for feeding your small pet Prevents the food from being thrown out Made of strong and robust ceramic material Ensures that your pet receives healthy meal every time Dish washer proof bowl
Hamsters cage with plastic transparent lid for the animal visibility - Upper grill made of wire mesh and gaps on the lid to ensure the correct ventilation inside the habitat - Easy to clean thanks to the removable base completely detachable from the upper
Rettenmaier (0066380001327 / 29784) | Carefresh Color Confetti, Color Confetti, Control Carefresh
Includes a water bottle holder Maximum living space Compartment feeding dish Suitable for small rabbits and guinea pigs Available in other sizes and colours
Ferplast (8010690057187 / 84890099) | Ferplast Ferret Hammock
✅Made from anti-fungal treated pine and fir wood, it creates a strong long lasting home for your rabbits.✅Finished with non-toxic paint for weather protection.✅It has a sheltered sleep compartment on top with an equal sized under ru
Flamed wooden house for rabbits Made from high quality pine wood material Roof can be opened at the top Provide your small furry with a great, cosy refuge area to investigate and snooze in It is a fabulous home for your small pe

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